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Hot Bags

Gloriously warm, packable and close fitting duvets for hands. Ideal mitts for anyone looking for a softer, windproof style that can be stuffed in to pockets.


RRP £40.00 now £25.00

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  • Primaloft®

    Helps the body retain warmth, so conserves energy. As warm as down. Compressible, breathable and water repellant.


These Hot Bags are gloriously warm, packable and close fitting duvets for hands. They are ideal mitts for anyone looking for a softer, windproof mitt that can be stuffed in to pockets when not in use. They have a DWR finish for water repellency, but in really wet weather we recommend teaming them with a waterproof over mitt such as the Extremities® Guide Tuff Bags

If it is very cold, they are great as a booster mitt worn over ther top of other glove systems. To make sure they fit snuggly and keep out the draughts there is an adjustable velcro wrist strap and drawcord at the top, both which can be adjusted quickly with one hand.

They are amazingly light and the Primaloft® synthetic insulation keeps hands warm, but also allows them to pack down small to easily fit in to your pocket.

Extremities Brand: Extremities
Product code: O22HOB00


  • Extremities performance type: Thermal

Colour: Black
Fabric: 100% Polyester
6oz Primaloft® on the palm
7.2oz Primaloft® on the back of the hand for extra warmth.


This extremities product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

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Review: Hot Bags in the Arctic Cold... 07/05/14

reviewed by:
Nigel Vardy


Expeditions to the polar regions are demanding on both you and your equipment. Protecting your Extremeties against the ravages of the cold is a lesson that I fell foul of a number of years ago. My damaged hands therefore require high quality protection against further damage.

The spring of 2014 brought challenging weather conditions to the Greenland icecap. High winds and deep, drifted snow made expedition work difficult, yet the Extremeties Hot Bags that I used kept me warm, whilst still allowing a deal of dexterity with which to work. I wore a pair of thinny gloves as liners and the two complemented each other well. Wearing thick mittens is still a necessity at times, but the Hot Bags stood temperatures in excess of -20C with comfort. I was still able to use cameras, adjust skis etc, whilst wearing them.

You notice immediately how small they pack down. You can scrunch them up into a tiny ball or push them down the side of your pack with ease. Initially I thought the outer material too thin for expedition work, and feared it would wear quickly, but it surprised me with its ruggedness. After two weeks on the ice, there were no signs of wear at all.

So all in all, an excellent mitten, and coming in at £40, a bargain too..!

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