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Pocket Hat GTX®

Incredible cap with tri-fold peak to fold down into your pocket and contains GORE-TEX® waterproof technology to keep you dry!



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    GORE-TEX® fabric.


This cap should be part of everyones outdoor kit list. 

The Pocket Hat GTX® proves that it is possible to have function, features, and fashion in a single item when done properly. Extremities® design and quality ensures that this versatile little cap is worth every penny on so many levels.

Featuring GORE-TEX® technology, this cap will keep you dry no matter what the weather! The high tech fabric is able to keep out rain, but still allows the head to 'breath' avoiding sweat build up and moisture inside the cap. When you're not wearing the cap, the Tri-Fold peak allows you to simply fold the cap in to a small wallet-sized pack, and stuff it in your rucksack or even pocket. Weighing just 45g, you'll never know you've got it, until you need it!

Waterproof, breathable, packable and fashionable - Everything you need for an every-day use hat.

Extremities Brand: Extremities
Product code: 23PHGTX


  • Extremities performance type: Waterproof


This extremities product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

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Review: Pocket Hat GTX review 02/01/14

reviewed by:
Nigel Vardy


What's in a hat..? There are so many types to choose from, different materials to try and a vast range in price, that it can be a bit of a minefield. Of course, weather conditions and pack size do come into the equation and with these in mind, I trialled a Pocket Hat GTX® during a trip to Mt. Kenya.

Any alpinist will tell you that weight is everything. The removal of every last inch of spare strap and trinket explains this to a tee. The Pocket Hat GTX® comes in at a tiny 45g, and as it's name suggests, it's small enough to pack into a pocket. The brim folds into three and with a little careful origami, you can get the entire hat down to much less than pocket size. I regularly slid it into a variety of pockets during the trip and occasionally even lost it under my gloves etc..!

I suffered some quite adverse weather conditions during my trip, including pouring rain and driving snow. I must say that the Pocket Hat GTX® kept my head dry at all times and I found the brim an excellent water shed. It dried in no time and then went back into my pocket. The breathable material performed well and I was surprised how cool I felt when wearing the hat.

Price wise, coming in at £30 is reasonable, but I can hear many voices saying 'I can get a cap for a fiver'. Yes you can, but it's what you want from it that matters. Do you want something cheap, cotton and cold, or something that works well and packs up into a tiny parcel..? The choice is yours...

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