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10 Uses For Extremities® Karabiners

Posted on February 12th, 2013
Those who’ve purchased items from the extremities® range, will be familiar with the free mini karabiner (often referred to as ‘Krab’) that comes attached to the packaging. Whilst the mini karabiner is not designed for climbing purposes, it does have a number of other great outdoor uses!


Here’s a quick list of our favourite uses for the free extremities® karabiner.


  1. Glove holder – On a recent trip to Morocco, one of the Terra Nova team suggested “when my Guide gloves weren’t needed, I just clipped them to my rucksack using the karabiner threaded through the handy loops on the glove fingers”. (See image above).
  2. Washing line – When camping in Britain we are only too familiar with the problem of damp clothes. Using two karabiners at each end of a piece of string or spare guyline, it becomes a  simple job to create somewhere to hang your clothes.
  3. Keyring – Attach your keys to this quick release keyring.
  4. Hydration tube locator – When using a hydration tube, especially when cycling, it’s useful to keep the tube in the same place for quick and easy location. A cleverly positioned karabiner can be just the ticket!
  5. Important items – A keen climber suggested that they use the mini karabiners to attach extra clothing layers to their harness, so that when belaying after a route, an extra layer is available. 
  6. Bouldering towel holder – A colleague keen on bouldering told us how he’s sewn a mini karabiner to a small towel so that when his boots get dirty he’s always got something to hand to clean them on. 
  7. Out of bears reach – Ever visited Yosemite? These little gems come in handy when you need to hang food and toiletries out of the way of the bears.
  8. Ski safety leash – Securely attach your touring/nordic ski’s to your boots via the leash.
  9. Tool lanyard – Essential in many ‘work at height’ situations, the krabs can be attached to one end of a lanyard with your tools attached to the other thus preventing loss of the tool if accidentally dropped. 
  10. Personalise your gear –  hook at few extremities® karabiners on your gear, it’ll help you identify them as yours, as well as ensuring you’re never without one when you need one.


We’ve also heard of another intriguing use, but the details aren’t too clear… 


Polar bear warning system – Any ideas on how this works? Let us know below in the comments section.


Can you think of any other uses?

Share your ideas on how you’ve made use of the extremities® karabiners (use the comments box below).


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