Ultra Quasar Tent

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Ultra Quasar Tent

The Ultra Quasar has always been at the cutting edge of low weight mountain tents and still remains the only choice when reliability and low weight is essential.




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  • Waterproof

    Guaranteed waterproof.

  • DAC Poles

    DAC Poles

    DAC Poles

The Ultra Quasar has always been at the cutting edge of low weight mountain tents and still remains the only choice when a combination of total reliability and low weight are esential.

The same stable, spacious design gains a radically redesigned inner with white fabric and scalloped pole sleeves. The result is improved ventilation, reduced weight and a light airy feel. 8.55mm DAC Featherlite poles (as used on the Laser Comp) reduce weight further to well under 3Kg minimum weight. The new guyline system is stronger and easier to use further increasing poor weather stability.

Low weight, two entrances and an exceptionally stable geodesic design.

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 43UQ000


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Season Rating Spec: 4 Season
  • Free standing?: Yes (tent can be pitched without guying out)
  • Minimum Weight: 2.87Kg (6lb 5oz)
  • Packed Weight: 3.12Kg (6lb 14oz)
  • Pitch Time (estimate): 15 mins
  • Number of Porches: 2
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Pitch Type: Inner pitch first

Packed Size: 18cm x 54cm
User range: Lightweight backpacking, Trekking
Pitching: Inner first
Titanium pegs, 5.5g each
8.84mm DAC Featherlite poles
New inner design and guyline system
'No rattle' zip pulls


This Terra Nova product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

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Review: Orange exterior Black Interior 02/10/15

reviewed by:


I bought my first tent from the company when it was the original Wild Country.
Never been let down both in terms of performance and value for money.
Have used them in the wilds of Arctic Norway since the 70's when working as an exploration field geologist around 70 deg North,

5 ish years ago TN offered an Orange Coloured version with a black interior. apparently they were a cancelled expedition order.(?).
It has been used in all seasons have and all conditions. It has simply been bomb proof.
The combination of doors at each end and the dark interior make sleeping in the Midnight Sun a bearable experience. The open doors (with mosquito proof inner does closed) provides excellent ventilation and the dark interior gives the impression of darkness even though the Sun might be high in the Sky at 2, 3 o'clock in the morning.
My Norwegian friends, who often accompany me bought one each. They too share my view that the basics of the tent provide an excellent balance of strength and weight for those treks into the wilderness. The colours are a bonus..

Strongly recommended.
Review: Bomb Proof 02/04/15

reviewed by:
Richard Carey-Knight


You could drop a bomb on it, you could throw an ocean at it, it could take a direct nuclear strike, and you'd still be sleeping comfortably inside. I've had my UQ nearly a decade, and it is by far the best thing I have ever purchased. Go buy one people, buy one now!
Review: The Ultra Quasar does it again... 20/02/14

reviewed by:
Nigel Vardy


The Ultra Quasar has become a legend in the tent world. It has repeatedly travelled the globe on many expeditions and proved itself with flying colours.

Weight v strength is always an issue with tents. It's all well and good if you're on a Himalayan trip with pack animals or sitting at base camp all day, but when you have to carry it and rely on it, there are very few in the market which come up to the mark. It’s packed weight of 3.12Kg (6lb 14oz) is fine for most to carry. You can also split the weight between two, which is even better.

Many tents have a single entrance/exit, which makes storing wet kit and rucksacks a bind in poor conditions. Having two doors and porches makes this a simple task, particularly when there are two of you in the tent. Keeping dry is vital and the opportunity to keep the wet stuff in the porches is great. The UQ comes with the usual reflective guy lines (excellent on any site), but it can be pitched fee standing. Personally it's so simple to peg the guys out that I always do so, for every bit of stability counts in my mind.

I firstly took the UQ into the hills of Snowdonia where it stood off driving rain and stinging hail with ease. It's simple and quick to erect (the recommended pitch time is 15 mins, but this can be easily beaten), and the geodesic design is incredibly strong. I have always felt safe when inside the UQ, no matter what the weather has done, and I find that an important feeling when it comes to survival and sleeping. Feeling safe in your bag is vital in the expedition world.

I then flew to East Africa and climbed Mt Kenya. Again the UQ stood off gales, blizzards, driving rain and blazing sun, all with ease. People inside the huts asked me “are you really sleeping in a tent?” I felt much happier in my UQ..!

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