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About Terra Nova -Our Vision

At Terra Nova our design philosophy is simple, to provide the ‘Best in Class’ innovation and design. The result is our enviable reputation for producing some of the world’s best tents. Today, our range includes models that have withstood some of the most inhospitable places on earth or, at the other extreme, are feather-light and compact to suit the most minimalist expeditions.

About Terra Nova

A long heritage in the design, manufacture and sale of best in class outdoor equipment.

Our experience of producing tents began in the 1980s and we have a long heritage of producing some of the world’s best outdoor gear. Terra Nova Equipment is still a family-owned and run business, with products designed in the UK as they always have been, with the most specialist tents made in our Derbyshire factory.

The Heritage of Terra Nova

The world's lightest tent

Revolutionising Lightweight Gear

In 2004 Terra Nova Equipment set the benchmark for lightweight tent development when it launched the world’s first sub 1kg tent. This led to a Guinness World Record to mark the achievement of creating the Lightest Tent in the World.

We’ve developed new materials and fabrics that have never been used in tent production before. Therefore, Terra Nova has been able to slice even more weight off its record-breaking tents, to achieve a further three World Records for the lightest tents.


World’s Lightest Tent

Awards & achievements

We have built a reputation of technical innovation and world class quality.

Terra Nova Equipment has a long heritage in the design, manufacture and sale of best-in-class outdoor equipment. Therefore, we have built up a reputation of technical innovation and world-class quality.

Over the years, our products have received industry-wide recognition. We’ve even got Guinness World Records. So all of these awards are a result of our tireless ambition to push the boundaries of fabrics, technologies and design features.

All of our awards cement the success of the Terra Nova products. They recognise the hard work and effort that go into making pioneering products.

Awards and Achievements

Fabric and Technology

Terra Nova Equipment has unrivaled expertise in the development of specialist tent fabric and materials for its award-winning products. The company has always been at the forefront of technical development; it produced the first PU/Silicone coated flysheet tent fabric in the 1990s and more recently, was the first to use bonded seam technology in commercial tent production.

Fabric and Technology