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How our 100% British Wool Beanies are Made

Posted on October 18th, 2019

Since it is the end of Wool Week we wanted to share how our 100% British Wool Beanies are made!

To celebrate Wool Week we took a trip to the factory where our 100% British Wool Beanies are made to learn a little bit more about the production process. Our beanies are produced in Nottingham and finished off in house, here in Chesterfield.



Step 1 – Machining

The first step in the process is to knit the yarn into a fabric. The machine will produce a long stretch of fabric that will produce a number of beanies. The machine can produce the fabric into the desired stitch, design and colour.

Step 2 – Pressing

Once the fabric has been produced it is then taken to a steam press. The long fabric is steam pressed to bulk up the fibres in the yarn. The fabric is then separated into the individual pieces for the beanie.






Step 3 – Linking

The piece is then linked together on a linking machine. The piece is linked together about halfway then flipped and the rest is linked to make sure when the band is turned up the seam is on the correct side.

Step 4 – Bartacking

This step fixes loose ends and adds strength where needed. This step is important as it tidies up the beanie and the series of stitches used are to reinforce areas of a garment that may be subject to stress or additional wear.







Step 5 – Hand Finishing

The top of the beanie is then  hand sewn together, gathering the loops to pull the fabric together so it takes a beanie form.

Step 6 – Prepare the lining

To prepare the lining the piece of fleece is laid out. The pattern is then traced around and is carefully cut out ready to be sewn together.







Step 7 – Sew the lining

Each edge of the fleece lining is then sewn together to the correct shape to fit inside the beanie.

Step 8 – Attaching the lining

The lining is then inserted into the beanie and sewn together on a circular seam.







Step 9 – Adding Branding

A branded label is then attached to the outside of the beanie.

Step 10 – Tagging

The tags are then attached to the beanie using a kimble gun.

Step 11 – Examining

After the product is finished it is then carefully examined by hand and eye to make sure there are no loose ends and it is ready to be shipped.



 Keep an eye out for our NEW 100% British Wool Beanies coming soon!


Check out our video to see the full process!


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