Product Grading System

Our ‘clearance’ products represent excellent value for money with significant reductions against suggested retail prices. Clearance items will have been either discontinued, or are used, or have a cosmetic faults. Clearance products are rigorously checked in our Derbyshire factory before they’re advertised for sale on this website. All parts are checked and complete, and faults are professionally repaired. The items are then individually ‘graded’ to enable customers to understand why the item has been put on clearance.

Clearance Grades Explained

Tents in our clearance section will have flysheet, inner(s), poles and pitching instructions as standard. Pegs will be supplied but may not be exactly the same as in first grade examples, depending on availability. Complimentary groundsheets, hanging pockets, repair kits, etc. may not be included. Where possible we will endeavour to list when these complimentary items are present.

End of Line

From time to time we update our models with style changes, fabric changes or colour changes. When these old styles are taken off general sale, any remaining stock will appear on our clearance section. The product is always first quality as it would have appeared in your local retailer. When purchasing one of these products you can be sure you will receive the very best that Terra Nova, Wild Country or Extremities have to offer.


Products appearing with this grade are cosmetic seconds only. We do not offer any products with faults that may affect their performance or function. Typically these faults are stitching faults (such as incorrect embroidery) and incorrect fabric colours. However, occasionally we find more serious faults with seams or fabric, in which case these are repaired before being offered for sale. Examples of this, would include seams that have come un-stitched or panels that have been replaced due to fabric faults. Seconds are not graded as they will not have been used.

Used Products

Items which have been used, will be given a grade that reflects their general appearance and the amount of wear they show. Some used items will have the prefix “Ex Demo” and will only have been used for demonstration purposes. In the case of tents, grade is determined by the condition of the flysheet, inner(s) and poles. Pegs may be dirty or bent (although are usually in very good condition), but this will not affect the grade. Grades may be applied to unused items, and if so reflect the amount of use that should be expected from the product. There are three levels of grading:

  • Used A-Grade – These items will not have been used outdoors but may show some signs of indoor use such as creasing or scuff marks. In the case of sleeping bags and tents they will not have been slept in.
  • Used B-Grade – There will be signs of use and the item may have been used outdoors, but if so only for short periods of no more than a few days. Sleeping bags will not have been slept in. Tents may have been pitched in the wet, in which case they will be dried and packed correctly before entering stock. It is rare that Grade B items require repairs, if they have been repaired we will endeavour to list this in the product description where possible.
  • Used C-Grade – Any products that do not fall in to one of the grades above will be classified as C-Grade and are subject to the largest price reductions. They are typically loan products that have been used for extended periods, warranty returns that have been repaired or ex-sample models that we no longer require. As these have been used, possibly for long periods, they will show obvious signs of wear and tear and tents may well show signs of UV degradation. Repaired products will feature a brief description of the repair in the product information where possible, and these repairs will not affect performance. If we are unable to calculate the age of an item, or are unsure as to the conditions it has been pitched/stored in, it may receive a C grade even though it does not appear to have been used. In such cases it will be stated that the item is an unused grade C.


Disclaimer: Terra Nova, Wild Country and Extremities are renowned for the production of world leading performance outdoor equipment. As such we will never knowingly sell any item that is unfit for purpose. Please note that clearance items are not covered by our extended guarantee regardless of condition or grade, but that your statutory rights are unaffected. Our grading system and associated prices are a fair reflection of the amount of use that can reasonably be expected from these clearance items. Please refer to the Guarantee section for more information.