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Extremities Inferno Gloves in The Test Pit

Posted on February 27th, 2014

Extremities Inferno Gloves featured in ‘ Ways To Keep Warm This Winter’ by

This is some of what they had to say:

‘The gloves are waterproof while staying breathable, thanks in no small part to the Hipora insert and Primaloft insulation. This means that despite being thick enough to stop your fingers dropping off, they’re thin enough so you can still use your hands – something not all heavy duty gloves allow you to do.’

‘Obviously we weren’t going skiing any time soon, but still found the perfect way to test the Inferno gloves. Mitted up, several of us stuck our hands into the freezer, rubbing them up against the the frozen (and in need of defrosting) interior walls. We felt not a trace of the chill, while still being able to ‘feel’ about.’
‘We were pleased by how much sensation our hands retained while wearing the gloves, and thanks to the draw-string wrist closings, we knew we wouldn’t be losing them any time soon.’
You can see the full article Inferno gloves in the test pit 
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