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Extremities celebrate the solitary on ‘Lost Sock Memorial Day’

Posted on May 3rd, 2016
Extremities Sock Monkey with Extremities Socks

Socks are one of the great enigmas of the clothing world.  How do so many become separated? Does the washing machine feed on these tasty morsels? Is there a fairy who visits in the night to spirit away the single sock? Such is the status of these permanently parted pairs that it has been awarded its own international ‘Day’.


Monday 9th May 2016 is officially Lost Sock Memorial Day, a time to reflect on those poor missing souls (pardon the pun) and celebrate the potential new life of the half that’s left behind.


As an outdoor gear specialist, we have a range of high performance socks – designed for walking, hiking, mountaineering and running. We’ve found we have our own collection of unattached socks which are just too good to discard, so we’ve set about finding a host of great uses for them.

Our Marketing Director Carolyn Budding has started the ball rolling by making her own mascot for the campaign – the cheeky Extremities Sock Monkey, who keeps her company at her desk in our Alfreton, Derbyshire headquarters.


So here are five great ideas for giving your own unattached socks a well-earned new lease of life.

  1. Sock puppet: great to keep the kids amused. Just cut out two eyes, stick them on and you’re away.
  2. Cover for golf woods: a ready-made use to keep your clubs in pristine condition, and with a polish each time you take off the cover, it’s bound to improve your game.
  3. Car polisher: socks are soft and made of fibres that are perfect for buffing up the paintwork on your prized motor.  Put your hand inside and it’s an ergonomic way of working too.
  4. Phone case: a nice thick sock is great for this. It makes your phone easy to find in your bag, keeps it safe and, with so many lost socks lying around, can be changed on a regular basis.
  5. Finally, Sock Monkey takes a little time to make, but is surely worth the effort and is a great school holiday activity if the weather puts you off spending time outdoors… you will need two odd socks to make him.



Alternative Uses For Socks





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