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Extremities® – Serious About Socks

Posted on January 11th, 2013

Have you discovered the magic of Extremities® socks yet? Find out why those who try them, never look back!

Blisters after walking? Smelly, damp feet after running? Sore toes from thick sock seams? Itchy feet? Ill-fitting socks? Cold feet? These are just a few of the reported problems many people were suffering from BEFORE they found a solution – Extremities® Socks – proudly Made In Britain.

British Design & Craftsmanship

Extremities® socks are designed and crafted for those who demand quality, protection and above all comfort in their outdoor pursuits.  Additional features such as specially positioned padding, support areas, grip zones and specialised toe seams (many of which are finished by hand!) offer the wearer supreme comfort. Protecting against impact, avoiding friction and movement of the sock, thus helping to prevent sores and blistering.

Supporting the British economy and jobs, every single Extremities® sock is proudly Made In Britain. Each sock is manufactured at our factory in the Midlands using some of the best quality yarns and technical fabrics available today.


Extremities Running and Sports Sock

‘Changing to Extremities® socks was the best move I could have made. For 8 more days and 8 more marathons my feet started to heel rather than worsen. No blistering, no hot spots and lots of comfort.
My search for a fantastic sock is over!’ 

Daniel Brockhurst – Ran 25 marathons in 25 days.


Quality Materials

Many of our socks contain a specialised wool, called “Wool Ultra™”. This offers numerous benefits over cheaper wools and man-made materials, but most importantly it helps to;

  • Reduce friction and in turn prevent the risk of blisters and sores.
  • Provides superior recovery from compression, maintaining comfort and protection.
  • Improve ‘Moisture Management’ and breathability.
  • Keep feet and toes warm with enhanced thermal properties.


Several Extremities® Sock designs also contain Merino Wool. The Merino breed of sheep is prized for its wool and is regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. This adds an extra element of comfort and warmth for the wearer, not found in most competitor socks.

COOLMAX® technology is also built into some Extremities® sock designs, which actively helps to wick moisture away from the skin and keep the foot cool, dry and fresh.


Mountain Toester Long Sock

“Small steps make big journeys and it makes all the difference that my lucky feet are wearing the Extremities® socks during the preparation for my big challenges ahead. I feel so very, very lucky. As you know, I have for many years absolutely treasured your brilliant tents and your Extremities® socks have the same pedigree of excellence.
I just LOVE them

Rosie Swale-Pope – Longest Unsupported Run In World History.


Order online today and get them delivered to your door. Join the professional outdoor hikers, runners, adventure racers and sports lovers across the world and get your feet into some Extremities® socks.

Your feet will thank you for it for years to come.


Super Hiker Sock

“I took three pairs of ‘Super Hiker Socks to Iceland with me for two months of hiking and camping.
It was an absolutely solid two months of hiking and the socks lasted brilliantly, with no holes and even the blisters were few and far between!”

George Cowan – Extremities® Customer.





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