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Extremities Waterproof Beanie Review

Posted on March 1st, 2015
extremities lynx waterproof beaniie

Derbyshire climber Nigel Vardy tried out one of our waterproof beanies – here’s how it performed during the cold and wet weather of December and January.

“The waterproof hat you gave me to test is wonderful…..

I’m tired of getting my head soaked, but I hate wearing hoods.  They are so impersonal and cut you off from people around you.  The Lynx Waterproof Beanie is an extremely comfortable hat to wear and controls your temperature well, without sweating.  Best of all however, it is waterproof.  I’ve had it out in driving rain and blizzards, and beads of moisture simply roll away.  You shake it and water sheds away.  It also has a traditional knitted pattern which I find more attractive than plain fleece hats.  May the days of dry continue..!” – Nigel Vardy

The Lynx Waterproof Beanie is no longer available, however other styles of Waterproof knitted hats are available from Extremities now.

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