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Guinness World Record for Laser Photon tent

Posted on March 9th, 2010
Laser Photon Guinness World Record

The Terra Nova Laser Photon tent has been awarded The Guinness World Record for the lightest tent available commercially, the third time running that a Terra Nova tent has won the award.
Weighing in at a scant 790g packed weight (740g minimum) for a double wall tent the Laser Photon will be essential kit for Adventure Racers and Mountain Marathon runners, and will catch the eye of any outdoors enthusiast who likes to move fast and light.

The Laser Photon is the latest in a long line of superlite tents developed by Terra Nova, who have been at the forefront of lightweight tent design for decades, and this latest award is a fantastic acknowledgement of the continued development the company undertakes in order to stay ahead of the pack. This development not only focuses on the finished tent shape, but extends right the way down to the smallet detail allowing us to use the lightest, strongest materials possible in every component. The Laser Photon is already being used by two of the UK’s top MM runners Tim Higginbottom and Chris Near – details of their races can be found here.

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