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Get Outdoors! Start a healthier and happier life for 2019

Posted on January 28th, 2019

Over the Christmas period it’s fair to say we’ve not been short of treats and temptations. Now, with the Quality Streets emptied and the Roses boxes long gone, it’s time to start the year off right with some positive resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions can sometimes bring the most amazing choices and changes to our lives. However, they can also sometimes be a short phase until you catch a glimpse of a passing fast-food restaurant and well… we all know how that ends. A great way to make sure you stick to your resolution this year is to take up something you will enjoy and something that can spark a new and adventurous lifestyle. Getting outdoors can bring a breath of fresh air to the new year and help you start a healthier, happier life for 2019.
The outdoors can be a wonderful place to get fit, get active and see and experience some amazing things along the way. We’ve set out a few ideas of how to challenge yourself with some suggestions on a variety of activities that we think would be perfect to enjoy and start new adventures with.

The ‘challenges’ we have set are in levels from beginner through to expert to ensure safety and setting realistic goals to benefit you. Here is a quick guide on how to rank yourself, doing so will allow you track your progress and through time you can upgrade your level and further challenge your abilities. Ensure you seek medical advice and professional opinion before embarking any of the following challenges.

Beginner – Little participation in this, you’ve had few experiences in this activity and are looking to start a fresh new lifestyle – for this ranking you have an amazing and enlightening journey ahead of you so make sure that you challenge yourself to learn safety measures and develop skills gradually

Intermediate – Regular partaker, you’ve had numerous experiences in this activity and have learned the necessary foundation of safety knowledge. You know how to plan and execute this activity and have experience doing so – for this ranking you are ready to take on a bigger and more exhilarating challenge and are moving closer and closer to mastering the skills and knowledge needed.

Expert – This activity runs deep in your blood, you have been fully trained and participate in this activity daily. You are ready and capable to take on any challenge that is thrown at you – for this level you obviously have a drive and fitness to succeed in this activity, so we have suggested a challenge that will really test your knowledge and skills in this sector. You must ensure you are fully trained, medically capable and have the experience necessary to achieve this level.



Start Cycling –


We’ve all enjoyed a beautiful bike ride through the countryside, whether that be with your friends and loved ones or an experience you enjoyed to yourself; so why not make this a daily activity? Cycling can be a great way to keep fit and active whilst also experiencing new things in your venture.

Our Top Tips

Keep it varied – A great way to keep yourself interested and motivated when cycling is to venture to new places. Don’t be too repetitive in the route you take (unless it works for you) sometimes seeing new things and setting yourself new places to venture to, can be great for keeping you interested and excited to cycle.

Cycle to work – On the other hand cycling is fantastic in the way that it can be implemented into your day to day life. Try cycling to work or even just try cycling for general purpose for short trips to avoid using other means of transport (car, bus).

Get the Right Gear – Safety is essential when cycling, especially if you are cycling on roads or tough terrains. Here are the Terra Nova top picks for cycling gear:

Laser Velo Frame
Sticky Power Stretch Glove
Laser Compact 1

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Challenges (To be completed by the end of 2019, or within 12 months of setting goal) –

Beginner – It’s important not to do too much too soon. Cycle 3 times a week in 30-60 minute-round trips. Why not have a go at completing one of the following trails in one year (if these are too far a field set your aims on trails made for beginners):
– The Manifold Track, Staffordshire Peak District (8 miles /13 km)
– Tissington Trail, Ashbourne, Derbyshire (13 miles / 21 km)
– North Wiltshire Rivers Route, Melksham, Wiltshire (25 miles / 40 km)

Intermediate – Cycle 5 times a week incorporating weekend outings for 60-90 minute sessions. Build your fitness and skill so you could complete the following trails in one year:
– Richmond Park, London (7.5 miles / 12 km)
– Box Hill Olympic Circuit, Surrey, London (12 miles / 19 km)
– Elan Valley, Powys, Wales (18 miles / 29 km)

Expert – Cycling should be a daily task incorporated in your lifestyle. Test yourself on your daily 1-2 hour cycle by taking yourself to different descents and challenging inclines. Build your expertise and endurance and consider cycling the following trails in one year:
– The Lakeland Loop, Lake District, England (40 miles / 65 km)
– The Settle Circular, Yorkshire, England (38.5 miles / 62 km)
– Applecross via Bealack na Bà, Applecross Peninsula, Scotland (43.5 miles / 70 km – Very Hard)



Start Hiking –


We’re keen hikers here at Terra Nova Equipment, whether it be a stroll across our local peak or a challenging journey on the world’s most renowned routes and trails, we love to experience the thrill hiking has to offer. Hiking can be a fantastic way to see some amazing views and take in what the world has to offer at the same time as keeping active. Exercise and exertion can be a great way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Our Top Tips

Explore where you want to go – Have you got a certain trail, peak or place that you’ve always wanted to see? A great way to motivate yourself is to use this activity to your advantage and gain something from it. Just like many of the other activities in this list they are not just opportunities to keep active but also to see some amazing new things and places. If you’ve always wanted to glare across the stunning landscapes of Snowdon, why not make that your aim, make memories and see the opportunities that await you.

Go on camping trips – It can sometimes be a little off-putting when you travel a long way to a trail to simply drive back when your legs have already been jellified. Why not take a look for local campsites to pitch up and make a lasting experience for the journey? Here are a great range of light-weight tents to ensure you’re not weighed down on your hike.

Get the Right Gear – Safety is essential for hiking and having the correct practical gear is crucial. Here’s a list of our recommendations:

Ice Cap
Storm Glove
Voyager Tent

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Plan and follow your route – Planning is vital for hiking. Whilst it may be an incredible experience, things can go south very quickly if the necessary research and training is not taken. Make sure you plan all of journey and routes on trails and take the necessary resources required which should include: enough food, water, first-aid, navigation device and/or map and shelter. Always remember to tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return. If appropriate, check in with them during your trip.


Challenges (To be completed by the end of 2019, or within 12 months of setting goal) –

Beginner – Look at completing these hikes within one year:
– Roseberry Topping, North York Moors (7 miles / 11.2km)
– Pen y Fan and Corn Du circular walk (4 miles / 6.4km)
– Big Challenge – Start bagging the Scottish Munros or Lake District Wainwrights.

– Fairfield Horseshoe, Lake District (11 miles / 17.9km)
– Ingleborough, Clapham, Yorkshire Dales (9 miles / 15km)
– Big Challenge – Welsh Three Peaks (Snowden, Cadair Idris, Pen y Fan)

– Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire (40 miles / 64km)
– Rowbotham’s Round Rotherham (50 miles / 80km)
– Big Challenge – Complete the Welsh 3000’s



Start Walking –


If you’re not up for the vigorous demands of hiking why not try simply setting yourself an aim to embark on leisurely walks? Going on walks, whether an extended stroll with your dog or just simply walking to the shops instead of driving can be a great way to keep yourself active with ease in your daily life. Also, with opportunities of experiencing some beautiful scenery whilst putting your legs to work. Exercise is crucial to maintaining health and ensuring that your muscles retain strength and resilience.

Our Top Tips

Take your dog – We all know how hard it can be to make a commitment to hobby or activity. So why not make a commitment to your furry friend and walk alongside them in a daily routine. Dogs, or any other pets that you may want to attempt to walk, are great motivators to get out and enjoy it with some company.

Use step counters – It’s great to set yourself goals each day. A great way to do this is by using step counting technology, this can usually be found on modern smartphones or by using wearable activity trackers (such as a Fitbit or an Apple Watch). Simply set yourself a target amount of steps; 10,000 is a good daily benchmark, and ensure you work towards that goal every day. If technology simply isn’t for you, set yourself a target distance for you to hit on a daily basis, 4 miles or 6 km is a good benchmark.

Get the right gear – Safety is essential for walking especially if you are walking along roads in dark conditions. Reflective gloves and hats can be fantastic for ensuring you can be seen and are safe on your journeys.

Maze Runner Glove
Antares Beanie
Reflective Thinny Touch

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Challenges (To be completed by the end of 2019, or within 12 months of setting goal) –

Beginner – Why not work up to completing these challenges in one year:
– Complete a 15-mile walk
– Complete a scenic walk to create memories – e.g. Hadrian’s Wall
– Complete 10,000 steps a day

– Complete a 25-mile walk
– Complete three scenic walks – e.g. West Highland Way, Causeway Coast Way, Coniston Round
– Complete 14,000 steps a day

– Complete a 35-mile walk
– Complete five scenic walks – any of the walks listed and one dream walk of your own e.g. Yorkshire Dales
– Complete 18,000 steps a day



Start Climbing –


If you’re into the more extreme side of life, learning to climb and mastering the skill is an amazing way to keep in shape and build your upper body strength. If you love to get a thrill out of your hobbies and love to see some amazing sights and places, this could be the perfect resolution for you. Rock climbing is scientifically proven to be a great reducer of stress and is fantastic for improving muscular strength and flexibility.

Our Top Tips

Learn gradually and set goals – Climbing is no easy skill to master, it’s based very heavily upon learning the techniques and improving your strength. The best way to start out is to try out an indoor climbing facility as this is a safe place where you can progress your skills and work your way up.

Join a club – Climbing is not something to tackle alone. There are many clubs across the country that will provide the training, guidance and equipment that is crucial to ensuring progression and safety.

Get the right gear and BE SAFE! – Safety is absolutely crucial for climbing, ensure you are always using the correct equipment and clothing. Here are our Terra Nova Top Picks:

Fingerless Thinny Glove
Guide Banded Beanie
Tor Glove

See our range of products for Climbing


Suggested Challenges (To be completed by the end of 2019, or within 12 months of setting goal) –

– Join and attend a Climbing Club or seek lessons
– Complete eight organised indoor or outdoor climbs set for beginners
– Go climbing at an indoor or outdoor facility once every two weeks

– Join or continue to attend a climbing club for intermediate climbers
– Complete 12 indoor or outdoor climbs set for intermediate climbers
– Go climbing at an indoor or outdoor facility once every week

– Join or continue attending a climbing club for well experienced climbers on a weekly/daily basis
– Complete 15 indoor and outdoor climbs set for experienced climbers
– Become an instructor. Master the skill and become a leader in the activity.



Start Bike-Packing –


If you’re looking for more adventure with your cycling bike-packing may be a great sport for to you to explore. Why not take your tent with you on your bike ride and turn your amazing day into an amazing weekend by camping out and immersing yourself into the true joys of nature? Bike-packing combines the joys of bike riding with the amazing experience of wild camping, this can be a great way to not only be active but experience many new things and set yourself away from daily stresses.

Our Top Tips

Plan your Route – Trips can span from simple weekend trips across to weekly and monthly travelling, so planning the route you are going to take and where you’re going to stop-off, get supplies and sleep is highly important. A great way to do this is to do prior research of the route you are taking and make sure you have a precise guide/itinerary to follow along the way allocating where you will get supplies, the route you will follow and where you will be setting up your tent.

Organise your Supplies – It’s essential that you have all the correct necessary supplies with you – e.g. tent, food, water and safety equipment. It’s important to have a lightweight pack that has enough storage to carry all of the essential, the Laser Velo 30 backpack is a fantastic option for these requirements. Also, to maximise and optimise space in your backpack, getting a compact, small, lightweight tent is fantastic for ensuring you have enough space for crucial supplies. The Laser Compact 1 and 2 are fantastic for bike-packing with a pack length of only 30 cm.

Get the Right Gear – Bike-Packing is all about preparation and safety. Here are our top recommendations for gear:

Laser Velo 30
Falcon Glove
Laser Compact 2

See our range of products for Bike-Packing


Challenges (To be completed by the end of 2019, or within 12 months of setting goal) –

– Exmoor & Quantock Hills (114 miles / 183 km)
– Complete two bike-packing trips
– Train in cycling endurance and navigation four times a week

– West Country Way, Dartmoor (130 miles / 209 km)
– Complete four bike-packing trips
– Train in cycling and navigation five times a week

– Complete the Highland Trail 550, Scotland (550 miles / 885 km)
– Complete six bike-packing trips
– Train in cycling and navigation daily



Participate in a Mountain Marathon –


Hiking and camping just not crazy enough for you? Try taking part in mountain marathons! Scale some of the most amazing peaks against the clock in a competitive and exhilarating way, by attempting to scale, camp and hike across some of the most amazing trails the world has to offer. This is an amazing way to keep fit and challenge yourself against new goals.

Our Top Tips

Set goals and work-up to them – Mountain marathons are no easy walk in the park. It’s important to gradually work up to your goals by setting targets for the distance you want to complete in what time and lean navigation and safety skills.

Plan your trip and supplies – Management of equipment and supplies is essential. Seek advice from experts and the organisers to make sure you have the necessary kit, provisions and clothing.  To maximise space try using tents that are light and have a small pack size, the Laser Compact 1 and 2 are fantastic options for this.

Be safe, pitch right – Ensure that you pitch your tent securely to ensure you camp safe. All of our tents have videos of step by step tutorials showing how to pitch the tent correctly.

Get the right gear – It’s essential for safety and a good experience to have the correct gear. Mountain marathon websites will have lots of advice for what to take. Here are our top recommendations for gear:

Laser Pulse 1
Laser 25 Rucksack
Waterproof  Power Liner Glove

See our range of products for cycling and cycle-touring


Challenges (Train in order to compete in the following competitions) –

Beginner – Lakeland Trail Races

Intermediate – OMM Original Mountain Marathon

Expert – ROC Mountain Marathon (choices of different difficulties are available)


Keeping active and exploring the outdoors this 2019 could be a life-changing resolution for you and all of your loved-ones. With new and incredible experiences waiting out there for you, it’s up to you to go and take them and make this year the best year of your life. Keeping active is essential for maintaining health, keeping fit and most of all keeping well. Not only is it important to improve your physical health but also crucial to maintain your mental health. A happy you is a better you! So now the Christmas chocolates have gone it’s the perfect time to start setting your goals and working towards a healthy, happy life. We wish you the most amazing year.
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*Disclaimer* – Please seek medical advice before embarking on any of the following challenges mentioned within this text.
We do not accept any liability for any injuries, accidents or death that may occur in relation to the information in this blog post.
These ‘challenges’ have been included as suggestions to encourage participation in outdoor activities and you should take professional advice and the necessary training before taking part in any of them.

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