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Terra Nova Tent Wins 2013 OpPad Award

Posted on February 18th, 2013

The Terra Nova Laser Photon 1 tent, as used by backpackers and mountain marathon runners across the world, was officially recognised at the 2013 OpPAD Outdoor Awards in the Netherlands.

The Annual OpPad Outdoor awards are held in the Netherlands, celebrating the best in outdoor products, judged by a panel of respected industry experts. Terra Nova Equipment were delighted to nominated for an award in the Tent Category, with the Laser Photon 1 tent. This tent is a firm favourite amongst ultra light and lightweight backpackers around the globe, and is based upon the multiple award-winning and Guinness World Record Laser Tent range. The Laser Photon 1 was the Winner of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild “Derryk Draper Award” back in 2010, and was awarded ‘Best In Test‘, by Trial Magazine in 2011.

On 13th February, at the OpPad Outdoor Awards 2013, the judges presented Terra Nova Equipment with SILVER Award for the Laser Photon 1 Tent. They loved the tent’s design, incredible light weight – just 0.67Kg (1lb 8oz) minimum weight, and the use of high tech’ modern materials such as scandium alloy poles, titanium pegs, and dual-sided siliconised fabrics.

Terra Nova are honoured to receive the award and are delighted that the Laser Tent range continues to receive recognition across the industry for its groundbreaking design and pushing the technical boundaries of materials and quality.

Product Information: Laser Photon 1 tent

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