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Laser Photon Elite Tent Review by Trail Magazine

Posted on June 10th, 2010
Laser Photon Elite Tent Review

Review Date : 10/06/2010

Publication : Trail Magazine

Peter Macfarlane is a gear-tester for Trail magazine, with a serious affliction for testing lightweight outdoors gear. To help feed/pacify this addiction he’s been using the lightest double-wall shelter in the world, our very own Laser Photon Elite tent, as his primary home-in the-hills over this last winter. Thats right, the winter with all the snow and chaos. Oh, and he lives in the Scottish highlands.

Despite the fact that the Laser Photon Elite was designed for short duration adventure racing, and that the conditions of a Scottish winter would be almost the exact opposite of this, the tent performed really well. It’s not the first time a superlight Terra Nova design has been pushed beyond it’s intended range either – back in 2005 Steve Perry used the original Laserlite for his winter round of all 284 Munros with similar success.

If you like the idea of solo lightweight backpacking but aren’t quite as confident in pushing your gear beyond it’s limits, have a look at the Laser Competition, or either of the new Solar Competition and Solar Elite tents.

You can read Peter’s review by clicking the download link below, and if you’ve got a minute check out his outdoors blog for all sorts of lightweight outdoors goodness.

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Product Detail: Laser Photon Elite – replaced by the Laser Photon 1 Tent


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