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Laser Space 2 Design Award

Posted on May 9th, 2010
Laser Space 2 Design Award

The Terra Nova Laser Space 2 tent has been formally recognised as an innovative design by the panel of judges at the 2009 OutDoor show in Germany. Every year manufacturers worldwide put their products forward for consideration for this elite award, and only a select few are recognised by the award panel.


Scoring highly for it’s innovative use of superlite materials the Laser Space 2 stands 6 feet tall but weighs less than 6 pounds, making it far easier to get ready in the shelter of the tent – a real bonus for those with reduced mobility or who are simply fed up with trying to get dressed whilst lying down!

The Laser Space 2 was an exciting design project for Terra Nova – to create as much room for two people as possible whilst keeping the weight low enough for backpacking and cycle touring – and understandably created a lot of interest at the show amongst those curious to see this new approach to the traditional 2 person tent.

Terra Nova last won the OutDoor Insustry award back in 2006 for the groundbreaking Laser Competition, and this latest acknowledgement can only confirm what any Terra Nova user has long known – that we are world leaders in tent design.

You can buy the Laser Space 2 here, or from one of our retail partners.


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