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Laser Ultra 1 OR Award

Posted on February 9th, 2011
Laser Ultra 1 Tent gets OR award

US based outdoors gear reviewing specialist Stephen Regenold isn’t called the Gear Junkie for no reason. His nationally syndicated newspaper column has covered a huge range of outdoor equipment all with a common theme – being the most interesting and innovative kit on the market.

The Outdoor Retailer Summer show in Salt Lake, USA is one of the biggest annual outdoor trade shows on the calendar, and a great place to get an early look at whats going to be hot news for next season.

2010 saw the inaugural presentation of the Gear Junkie ‘Best in Show’ awards, with only one tent deemed suitable to qualify for recognition. The tent in question was the new Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1, a revolutionary application of cutting edge materials to a tried and trusted design. The Laser Ultra 1 will be available from selected retailers in Spring 2011, and will make Terra Nova the first mainstream outdoors company in the world to use a high tenacity polyethylene laminate fabric for a tent. The interest in the Laser Ultra 1 has already been huge, with lots of debate online about the potential for such a high-tech design for ultra racing and mountain marathons.

Keep your eyes on for future updates and information about the Laser Ultra 1, the latest in a long line of Terra Nova products that “exemplify innovation and new thinking in the world outdoors” (Gear Junkie, August 2010).

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