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Laser Ultra 1 Tent Reviewed by Petesy

Posted on July 21st, 2011
Terra Nova Tent Laser Ultra 1

Terra Nova’s lightest single man tent and World Guinness Record holder for the world’s lightest tent – the Laser Ultra 1 – received another glowing review recently. Freelance outdoor writer and keen gear reviewer, Peter MacFarlane, has been testing the tent for quite some time.

Peter notes that the tent is not only light, but “it doesn’t feel compromised to hit its targets, it’s still a proper tent”. Praise also comes in the form of Terra Nova’s “Ultra” fabric for its strength, relative quietness in the wind and its ability to brighten up the ‘mood’ and sense of space when inside the tent thanks to the colour and nature of the fabrics used on the fly and inner. In fact the review picks up on many of the well received features that have been carefully and thoughtfully designed into the Laser Ultra 1 tent which can be read in full on Peter’s very own blog.

Peter sums up the Laser Ultra 1 tent as follows;

“The Ultra is a fantastic shelter. It has simplicity, a usability and a comfort that defies its weight and pack size.”

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