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Make sure you’re seen with this reflective riding gear!

Posted on November 18th, 2019

Reflective clothing is important, not just when out riding, but around the yard and field too.



The most common times for a horse owner to be caught in low light conditions are on dark or overcast days, during dawn and dusk, when horses are being turned out, brought in from the field or during yard work. Reflective clothing and accessories add an extra level of protection for both horse and owner and can reduce the risk of a collision by 38%.

Wearing reflective clothing across the entire body, for example by wearing a hat, gloves and coat, gives drivers a better opportunity to spot and recognise a rider sooner preventing a collision. A pedestrian in reflective clothing gives the driver a 3 second longer reaction time. For a car going 30mph, this means an extra 40m stopping distance. Wearing reflective clothing in the field, on the moors or on a bridle path enables the emergency services to locate you more easily in low light conditions and provide treatment sooner, if an accident was to occur.


Our Antares Beanie won the BETA International Innovation Award 2018 which is a prestigious award, sponsored by Equestrian Trade News. It celebrates craftsmanship, design, technology and invention. Highly regarded throughout the equine industry, the awards put a spotlight on the best and brightest new products on the market.

The Antares Beanie is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and safe this winter. It features our 360⁰ reflective X Glo yarn as part of the stylish design, which comes alive and shines brightly when hit by a light source, ensuring you are more visible in low light conditions. It’s also stretchy enough to wear over a riding hat, making it the perfect accessory to help keep you safe and warm this winter whether on or off your horse.


We offer a range of reflective products perfect for riding:





The Sirius Beanie is a warm and cosy reflective beanie that is made with Extremities X Glo yarn that gives a 360° visibility in darker conditions. Perfect for riding as it is stretchy enough to fit over a riding hat but it is also great for keeping you warm during yard work. The reflective yarn glow in the dark once activated by light, and this gives an added element of safety whilst wearing this beanie. This beanie will keep you warm and cosy as it is designed with an inner fleece headband to keep your body heat inside the hat and you nice and warm.





The Capella Beanie is a cosy beanie hat that is made with reflective yarn that keeps you looking cool and feeling warm whilst being more visible in darker conditions out on the yard or when out riding. It has been designed to be modern and fashionable whilst incorporating elements of high technical performance including reflective yarn and warm inner fleece lining. The reflective yarn uses Extremities X Glo technology and gives the beanie an additional safety feature for dark and low light conditions – when a light source hits the Beanie the reflective yarn lights up providing 360° visibility.



Check out this video to see the Antares Beanie in action!



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