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Nigel Vardy takes the Coshee 2 to the Pyrenees

Posted on March 18th, 2014

Here’s what Mountaineer Nigel Vardy thinks about our Wild Country Coshee 2 tent from one of his trips to the Pyrenees….

“I recently traveled to the French Pyrenees and wandered the countryside and mountains armed with a Coshee 2 from Wild Country…

The first thing to note about the Coshee is its small pack size and weight.  Coming in at 2kg and only 42cm long, it’s a great size to pack into a small rucksack or onto a bike.  It’s simple two pole construction and minimal guy lines allow pitching to take place in a lot less than the 8 minutes suggested on the web.  (Believe me, a shower of rain really speeds you up..!). You can slide in from either side because of the lengthy zips and get almost immediate shelter from the elements, whilst having enough room to cook at your side if the weather does its worst.  It’s rated at three season and I’d be happy camping in challenging weather with a Coshee.

I’ve always been impressed by the light reflecting guy ropes and glow in the dark ties fitted by Wild Country.  When you’re under starlit skies and have only the power of your headlamp to guide you, your tent leaps out from the darkness..!

I’d also consider a zip change.  A single sweeping zip which opened and closed at head height, rather than by the feet would be a better design in my view.  The early morning stretch to your feet seems a long way…

I’d recommend the Coshee to backpackers and cyclists particularly because of its ease of use, weight and size, but it also makes a great low profile and reasonably priced (£100) tent for anyone.”

To find out more about the Coshee 2 tent, click here


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