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OMM 2012 – The Original Mountain Marathon

Posted on October 8th, 2012
OMM 2012

Scheduled for the last weekend in October 2012, this is the 44th Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) event which looks set to be as gruelling as ever!


One Minute History

The OMM was established in 1968, by the British orienteerer Gerry Charnley. Gerry pioneered this type of 2-day mountain marathon event where teams of two must be completely self-reliant, carrying all their own equipment, food, and camping gear, whilst navigating their own route across the mountains, through various checkpoints, to a final target location – and without the aid of modern technology such as GPS or mobile phones.

Whilst other mountain marathon events have sprung up over the years due to the sport’s increased popularity – the “OMM” is still internationally the largest and most prestigious event of its kind. Applicants from all over the world see this as THE event to compete in, and dream of both completing it and of course winning it!


OMM 2012

This year the OMM will be set in the Howgills, on 27th – 28th October 2012. More information about the event can be found on the OMM official website.

Outdoor retailer ‘planetFear‘ will be at the event this year, with the Terra Nova Laser Tent range on display (a firm favourite amongst many OMM competitors every year!). Terra Nova staff will also be on hand to answer any questions on the day.


Terra Nova – Leaders in Lightweight Mountain Marathon Gear

Over the years, Terra Nova has become synonymous with lightweight outdoor sports. From the world’s lightest tent, to ultra lightweight running gloves and everything in-between, Terra Nova leads the way when it comes to designing and producing lightweight outdoor gear. Thanks to Terra Nova’s relentless pursuit to be ‘Best In Class’, it is now possible for mountain marathon competitors to carry their tent, sleeping bag and pack / rucksack with a combined weight of less than a litre bottle of water!

Combining the Laser Ultra 1 Tent, the Laser 300 Elite Sleeping Bag, and the Ultra 20 Pack, gives a total weight of less than 1kg.

Making the equipment lighter and easier to use, has in turn enabled the teams taking part in mountain marathon events to achieve incredible speeds and distances across tough terrain (and survive British weather!). It’s therefore no wonder that the elite base camp at the OMM has become a sea of Terra Nova ultra and super lightweight tents in recent years.

And that’s not all… Terra Nova also provide adventure racers with specialist lightweight gloves, hats, gaiters and socks under the Extremities® range of clothing accessories. Combining some of the world’s most advanced fabrics, with Terra Nova’s lightweight design expertise, Extremities® range clothing accessories are fast becoming the ‘must-have’ brand for mountain marathon runners worldwide. Go to Extremities® Adventure Racing gear for more information.

Less then 1kg!

Terra Nova Gear Gets Lighter

Less than 1kg combined weight


Good Luck

For everyone taking part in this years OMM, we wish you the very best of luck from all at Terra Nova HQ. Do drop by and say hi to us at the planetFear area if you get chance.


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