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Cycling the JoBerg2C with Terra Nova pack on your back

One of Terra Nova Equipment's good friends, Nigel Vardy (aka. Mr Frostbite) is a proud ambassador of both Terra Nova and Extremities. He recently to... (more)

Southern Cross Review | Rob Hague

This month we have an exciting guest blog post from Rob, an outdoors lover and Terra Nova enthusiast! He spent a week in April in the Southern Hebrid... (more)

starlite 1 tent bikepacking

Your Ultimate Guide to Bike-Packing and Cycle Touring

 See our recommended route, gear and tips guide for your bikepacking and cycle touring adventures.   Extended cycling activities such as bik... (more)


Get Outdoors! Start a healthier and happier life for 2019

Over the Christmas period it’s fair to say we’ve not been short of treats and temptations. Now, with the Quality Streets emptied and the Roses box... (more)

Top 10 Gloves & Hats | Staff Picks

With so many hats and gloves to choose from in the Extremities range, we thought we'd ask our staff to share their favourite styles. If you are lookin... (more)

101 Uses for a Glove

At Extremities we LOVE gloves and we can reuse and recycle them for a variety of different uses and activities! We wanted to share with you some cool,... (more)


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We’re Moving Offices!

This December Terra Nova Equipment Ltd are moving offices to brand new, purpose built premises a short distance away in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. We are... (more)


The Best Reflective Gloves and Hats for Runners

Extremities has launched a new range of reflective gloves and hats for runners; perfect for improving visibility in low light conditions as well as pr... (more)

Extremities Reflective Beanie Hat

Reflective Gloves And Hats To Light Up Bonfire Night

For many of us, this Bonfire night will consist of staying out after-dark feasting our eyes on the spectacular firework displays being held across the... (more)

8 Uses for a Bothy Bag, and Why You Need One

Bothy Bags are an essential piece of kit that everyone should carry with them during all kinds of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a mountain lead... (more)