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Terra Nova Plays A Vital Part In A Pioneering Polar Expedition

Posted on September 10th, 2015
From Fire to Ice Team At Terra Nova

Terra Nova Equipment is partnering the ‘From Fire to Ice’ expedition which plans to complete Shackleton’s unfinished journey at the same time as carrying out revolutionary medical research.

We are donating equipment to the five-strong team to ensure they have the ultimate protection from the harsh Antarctic conditions. The tents will be their only shelter from wind-chill factors of minus 50 degrees as well as withstanding the remorseless battering of winter snow storms during the 31-day expedition in December 2015 and January 2016.

The expedition crew selected tents following expert consultations with the Terra Nova team.

They chose the Polar Storm 3 ETC with an extended porch, which has already been tested by the team against similar elements in the Norwegian wilds, and the Terra Firma four-person model, with added snow valances.


Rob Small who survived against all the odds when he was engulfed by flames in 2010.  From Fire To Ice will see Rob and an internationally renowned medical team attempt to reach the South Pole, and research the ‘survival switch’ believed to be hidden deep within DNA.

It will be the first time a non-military burns survivor attempts to reach the Geographical South Pole by completing Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1909 Unfinished Journey. The crew’s adventure will be captured on film and it is hoped the epic story will form a three-part prime-time TV documentary.  Before, during and after the expedition the medical team will perform tests while monitoring Rob’s physiology. They hope to determine if there are any clues in his body’s response to the stress of the cold and sustained exercise that might explain his survival.

From Fire to Ice training expedition

Terra Nova tent on From Fire To Ice training expedition in Norway


A number of the team have used Terra Nova kit on other adventures to remote parts of the globe, and when they told us about Rob’s incredible story we wanted to be involved.







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