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Pole Care and Maintenance

Posted on March 5th, 2020

Poles require maintenance and care to perform at their best

Modern Aluminium Alloy tent poles are designed to be work perfectly with the latest generation of lightweight performance tents. Whilst we use the optimum tent poles for each model the poles do require care and maintenance to perform at their best. Here are some points to help you get the best use from your tent and poles.


Pole Care

Your tent poles are at their most venerable when putting up or taking down your tent. When you remove the poles from their bag take care to do it gently and avoid dropping them on the ground and also avoid stretching the shock cord.

When you unfold the poles make sure that you don’t snap the sections together by stretching the shock cord and never flick the pole sections together. This will create small nicks in the metal at the end of the pole sections and over time this becomes a point of weakness that can ultimately cause the pole to fail.


You should assemble the pole sections carefully and ensure that the ferrule connections are fully pushed together. If they are not fully pushed together this will cause extra strain on the connections and may cause the pole to fail.

When inserting the pole into the pole sleeve, ensure that you push it through. Do not pull the pole through as this will pull the ferrule connections apart. Do not force the pole through the pole sleeve. Check where the tension is and remedy before continuing to push the pole through.

When it comes to taking down your tent, remove the pole from the eyelet and gradually release the tension. Then push the pole out of the pole sleeve. Ensure you push and don’t pull the pole as this can overstretch the shock cord as well as risk the sections snapping back together causing damage to the pole and/or the tent fabric.

When folding your poles away, start from the middle sections and carefully work your way outwards. This avoids overstretching the shock cord.


Pole Maintenance

Inspect your tent poles before and after each use for any signs of damage. Do not use if you notice any damage and contact us for advice.

If you poles have become wet then ensure they are fully dried out before you store them away. If your poles have become dirty or you have been near salt water then rinse your poles in cold fresh water and then thoroughly dry them before you store them away.

To help prevent corrosion and to keep the ferrules lubricated, spray the poles regularly but sparingly with silicone spray. Ensure you wipe off any excess spray. Never use an oil based spray as this will damage your tent fabric.


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