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Ultra Series

Our ULTRA range boasts the lightest tents in the world and is designed for those who want to save every gram of weight. Now comprising free-standing and tunnel tent models, rucksacks and a tarp. Each product is specifically tailored to provide the lightest solution possible. Ideal for ultra-lightweight mountain marathons and similar short events.


Terra Nova Equipment’s heritage is in mountain tents which are still a regular sight on Everest and at the poles. However the new millennium saw demand and development shift to lightweight tents. In 2004 the world’s first sub 1kg tent was launched under the Terra Nova brand, with a Guinness World Record to mark the achievement of creating the lightest tent in the world. More weight has been sliced off ‘the lightest tent’ with the company smashing its own record three further times through the development of new materials and use of fabrics not previously used on a commercial scale in tent production. The company has also pioneered the use of bonded seams in ultra light tents through its development of the Voyager Ultra 2. The lightest tent on the market is currently the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 with a minimum weight of 495g.

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