Deflect Antiviral Gloves


The Deflect Gloves are lightweight and washable antiviral gloves for year-round wear. They’re ideal for a number of uses for peace of mind and added protection.

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>Anti viral gloves that are washable and reusable. The anti viral Deflect Glove has been designed for everyday use to give wearers extra protection from contaminated surfaces when they are out shopping, on the commute or at the gym.
The Deflect Glove is made using anti-viral fabric which is tested to EN ISO 20645:2004 and BS EN 14119:2003 (ATCC6275) standards (not medical grade) to give wearers added reassurance when they are out and about. For those looking for a more environmentally friendly and more comfortable solution to wearing disposables, these resuable anti viral gloves can be machine washed at 40C, the anti-viral treatment will start to become less effective after 10 washes.
Being thin, lightweight and breathable, the anti viral gloves are suitable for all year round wear and provide good dexterity. Keeping in touch and using touchscreen devices is easy too, with touchscreen compatible finger and thumb and siliconee print for added grip.
The Extremities range also includes washable anti-viral face mask.