Guide Glove

A close fitting WINDSTOPPER® soft shell fabric glove with a supple leather palm. It is ideal for a multitude of sports.


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    WINDSTOPPER® fabric by GORE®, provides a windproof barrier that is extremely breathable.


A great multi-purpose windproof glove that has always been a favourite with mountain guides.

A WINDSTOPPER® soft shell outer provides greater comfort and flexibility whilst a fleece lining adds warmth. The beautifully supple leather palm provides excellent grip and durability without impairing dexterity. Ideal for rope work but also suitable for walking, spring skiing, mountain biking or even gardening.

Extremities Brand: Extremities
Product code: 21GG000


  • Extremities performance type: Windproof

Full Leather Palm
Lightweight Polyester Fleece Lining
Elasticated Wrist
Single Handed Cuff Closure


This extremities product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

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Review: Guide Gloves 20/02/15

reviewed by:
Mike Gibson


Bought a pair of these 23 years ago under the extremities brand (that is a lower case "E") and they are still in use and in good condition. That use has been professional outdoor use as I am a countryside professional having worn out over 20 pairs of boots, over 10 jackets and a lot of socks. The gloves have been bomb proof with one exception being anti personnel razor wire with the stainless steel barbs. That product should be banned near any public place as the barbs catch even the toughest leather, but I managed to get away with just a couple of none penetrating holes. The gloves have been warm, perhaps too warm sometimes, but only when snow & ice climbing as a break from work when climbing sweat inducing vertical ice or snow. They have got wet and like all gloves have then been a pig to get off and back on, but one adapts. It took me a few years to learn that you really do need to get a glove that does not fit as you need to go for a larger size, but manufacturers still think a wider hand has longer fingers. One day manufacturers will discover that big hands as in width does not mean longer fingers. Fortunately the guide glove is a box construction so gives finger width space.

In summary, very tough, well made and should last for years.