Voyager Series Pole Set

Voyager DAC Pole Set

Consisting of three poles.


  • DAC Poles

    DAC Poles

    DAC Poles


Voyager DAC Pole set for 2011 onwards models. 


Voyager / Superlight Voyager & Ultra Voyager

The set consists of:
2 x long blue poles measuring 3160m

1 x short red pole measuring 2940mm

Pre 2011 the Voyager pole set consisted of 3 poles all the same length measuring 3250mm, these can be found here Voyager pole - pre 2010 

For pre-2005 models please contact our Customer ServicesDepartment.

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 49VYP00


DAC Featherlite Poles
Used in Superlite and Lightweight tents where weight saving is the most important factor
7001 aluminium alloy, 8.84mm outside diameter
Lighter than other similar aluminium poles; achieved by redesighning the pole joint which is less than half the weight of traditional pole joints
Removable pole feet designed to reduce corrosive splitting and allow field repairability
Extruded seamless poles, for greater durability

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