Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (Pack of 6)

Reduce the weight of your tent in 6 easy steps!


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Pack of 6 Ultralight Titanium peg designed for lightweight backpacking and adventure racing, these pegs will hold better in waterlogged ground than their 1g brothers.

13cm long and dipped in yellow paint to make them easy to find in the ground.

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 50PEGS2


Pack Of 6
Ultralite 2g Titanium Peg
Length 120mm
Diameter 2.3mm
Marked With Orange Paint
Holds Better Than The 1g Version


This product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

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Review: Light - but easily lost 19/07/16

reviewed by:
Edward Hibbert


The main thing about these pegs is that they are very light - and they are. However they are also easily lost - if your guy rope pings off, or when you're dismantling the tent, then they can be very hard to locate in long grass or heather, because of course they are pushed in very close to the ground. The orange paint was particularly hard to find in heather; the yellow is a bit better, but I still regularly lose them. What I have done manually is to knot or glue on a long thin bit of fluorescent fabric, which is then a lot easier to find - but I'd really love it if there was a design that had that built in.