Ultra Hyperspace Pole Set

Ultra Hyperspace Pole Set

DAC NFL Ultra Hyperspace Pole Set


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Please check all pole lengths before ordering (All pole measurements do not include end tips). 

This pole fits the current Ultra Hyperspace Tent.

4 x Blue Poles
Length: 3970mm
Diameter: 9mm

1 x Red Pole
Length: 3010mm
Diameter: 9mm

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 49UHP00


All DAC poles are extruded 7001 aluminium alloy. DAC have created an exclusive derivative called TH72M. After heat treatment to T8 state the finished TH72M alloy gives an excellent balance of strength and stiffness ideally suited to the rigors of tent pole use. DAC NFL are the lightest type of DAC pole. This is achieved by swaging both ends of the pole section. DAC Green Anodising used on NFL poles is a more environmentally friendly anodising.

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