Voyager Tent

For over 25 years the Voyager tent has been a favourite for backpackers and trekkers for year-round camping due to its aerodynamic shape and semi-geodesic design. 



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    DAC Poles
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For over 25 years the Voyager tent has been a long term favourite for backpackers and trekkers. Its semi- geodesic design provides good stability and plenty of space to accommodate 2 people and their kit.The tent is designed for the backpacker or traveller going on medium to long duration trips and looking for spacious lightweight kit.

► Rated 4 season trekking, so suitable for year round backpacking. It’s also a good tent for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions in more exposed areas

► The semi-geodesic design (the poles cross over at 3 points) and inner first pitching also make the Voyager more stable and quieter than a tunnel tent in windy conditions 
► It’s free-standing which makes it ideal for camping where the ground is less firm, as it doesn't rely on guy lines and pegs to support its main structure
► The Voyager is a perfect tent for wild camping as well as campsite use
► DAC NFL colour coded poles make locating the correct pole sleeves and pole feet tapes easy and the tent quick to pitch
► The inner door has a full midge proof mesh panel and full solid door behind to provide unlimited options for ventilation depending on weather conditions
► Tried and tested Terra Nova fabrics are used to provide lightweight performance and good durability
► The Watershed nylon ripstop flysheet and Waterbloc nylon groundsheet are fully seam sealed to offer complete protection from the elements all year round
► Dyneema reflective guylines add more stability and the Voyager comes with extra guyline attachment points should additional guylines be required. Dyneema guyrope is three times as strong as standard guyrope of the same weight and has very low stretch for stability in all conditions
A Footprint which covers the area under the inner and porch is designed to prolong the life of the tent and help keep it clean. This can be purchased here

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 41VY000


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Weight: 1.88Kg (4lb 2oz)
  • Packed Weight: 2.15Kg (4lb 12oz)
  • Pitch Time (estimate): 10 mins
  • Number of Porches: 1
  • Number of Doors: 1

Packed Size: 52 x 13
Range: 4 Season Trekking
Flysheet: Watershed R/S 5000mm
Floor: Waterbloc 10000mm
Poles: 8.7mm DAC NFL
Pegs: 12 x Aluminium Alloy 11g
Guylines: 2 x Dyneema Reflective
Inner Door: Full Mesh & Solid Door


This Terra Nova product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

out of stock

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Review: My old reliable 25/09/21

reviewed by:
David Bogle


As a former 23 year military man, I have spent many a night under canvas. I purchased my Voyager in 2004 and here I am, (25.09.2021) wild camping, whilst paddling the Great Glen, writing a review of my fabulous tent.
Before any expedition, I like to get it out and pitched in the garden, giving it the once over. This tent has been to some amazing places and has never failed me yet.
I'm usually the first to pitch and pack away. The design is so simple but when erected it becomes so robust, standing against the elements.
It's very first trip in 2004, was up Mt Argentiare, Chamonix, where we camped and woke to be surrounded by snow.
My Voyager is a brilliant piece of kit and hope yours brings you as much joy, protection and piece of mind as mine has over these years. It's still in a fabulous condition and hope this review helps you in your choice.
Review: Perfect combination of shape and weight and size 19/10/20

reviewed by:
Graham Cooke


I have used my voyager all over the UK, from windy hill-tops to idyllic beaches and it is my go-to tent whether walking or sea kayaking. Like most outdoor people I do own more than one tent (and a few bivvy bags) but when I need to rely on a tent - in those tough and unpredictable conditions, the voyager is the one that gets packed. The semi-geodesic design allows it to pitch on soft sand (with some wide sand pegs or rocks to hold out the porch), I have even pitched it on a car park (not the best night's sleep though!). Being self supporting it is really confidence inspiring and that cannot be under-estimated. The tent has always been dry and well ventilated (but not cold). It is a palace for one and comfortable for two. the shaped poles lift it higher than many tents and this helps with tasks inside, such as changing clothes or simply sitting up to read. It is not the lightest of tents, certainly by modern standards, but that really doesn't matter. if you are traveling by bike or boat and its not that much extra to carry on foot (especially when you recall what we carried back in the last century). My only negative is that it pitches inner first, this is not great in the rain, however, it does dry out quickly once the fly is on and it is very rare that you need to pitch in very heavy rain. I don't know where Terra-Nova get a pitch time of 10 minutes from, it will easily pitch in half that time (and with encouragement from the weather in substantially less!
Review: If one product needs a review...... 02/05/20

reviewed by:
Nigel Collinson


I've been camping all my life. All types of camping. I've owned, and still own several tents. Im Ex army and know how important equipment is when out in the field. 23 years ago I decided to purchase a tent that would cut the grade. Using it in very arduous conditions. I purchased the Terra Nova Voyager. Ive used it everywhere, in every condition. Minus 20 , to +50. Ive carried it on my back, But mostly now carry it on my bike when I tour the planet for weeks at a time. The Voyager has never let me down. It still looks new after all these years. I would buy another tomorrow, but this one just keeps going. Bad news for Terra Nova !
Review: 22 years use of my Voyager - and still pretty much as good as new 03/01/18

reviewed by:
Alastair McIntosh


I just hit on my "lifetime guarantee" documentation for this tent, that I bought from Tizo's in Scotland on 16-9-1995. 22 years later, not heavy use but now and then, including a number of Hebridean storms, and this tent remains in perfect working conditions. Some of the pegs are slightly bent, the poles are arched but not in any way that affects their function, and I have never once had a fabric rip, groundsheet leakage other than slight dampness, or anything snapping. I have found the design of this tent is perfect for one or two people. It's very easy to set up even in stormy conditions. The porch is perfect for leaving boots and bags outside but reasonably sheltered from the rain. The elastic bits have, astonishingly, kept most of their spring over all this time.

Bottom line - it's an amazing tent. No built-in obsolescence, at least, not in the vintage when I bought mine. I can see why you felt confident to give a "lifetime" guarantee (haven't checked if that's still the case) and if it carries on like this, that will be my lifetime, not the tent's.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a good product. The problem with so doing, is that from people like me you won't get repeat sales because I'm happy with what I've got. It's therefore important that we generate sales by word of mouth so you stay in business and keep the model going. All the best, Alastair McIntosh.
Review: Old Voyager 23/04/16

reviewed by:
Nick McClellan


Not used to writing reviews but looking through Terra Nova's recent products reminded me how reliable my old Voyager is after more than 20 years.
I cant remember exactly when I bought it nor how many times we have used it but it must be around 120 overnights, possibly more.
Yes! It could be bigger & higher for sitting, lighter for carrying, quicker to erect, etc....... but when it starts to blow 50mph to 80mph, well its perfect. Its been tried in these conditions quite a few times and still going strong when other tents were collapsing around us. One instance was the poles not being fully sleeved and the other was ripped to rags.
It really is a good tent. I dry it and check it at the end of every trip and its still good for many outings. I believe the cross pole design, totally sleeved on the inner tent and the perfectly stretched shape of the outer sheet make it very reliable.
Very satisfied 😊