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For over 25 years, the Voyager tent has been a favourite for backpackers and trekkers for year-round camping due to its aerodynamic shape and semi-geodesic design. The Voyager stands up to almost all weather conditions with ease.

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6 reviews for Voyager

  1. Michael

    The Terra Nova Voyager has been with us for so long, over 20 plus years and testament to good design and Terra Nova brought into the new era of backpacking tents for people who need (real mountain protection) without the excess weight, at 1.9kg with this much space and headroom with sit-up height is a winner. The front vestibule doors zip open at the top to make the perfect window to enjoy the views without the wind whist cooking. The doors and front end of the tent tie completely back to make wide-open shelter to enjoy the stunning mountain views. However, sliding the 3-poles into and through the selves is difficult and tricky made even worse in wet weather as this tent is pitch inner first so things will get socked in wet weather. The length of this tent should be longer for taller people as they will struggle lay down inside without having the inner doors zipped open all the time. The Terra Nova Voyager is my favourite tent of all time. Although, pitching/setting up this tent is a pain trying to get poles through the sleeves made worse when one is tired after 15-20 miles hike. This tent also needs to be made longer in length accommodate people 6 foot tall as its way to short in length.
    Kindest Regards.

  2. Ross

    Strong, reliable + roomy all weather shelter used for 1-person trips year round. Easy to pitch inner under fly in rain/ snow after a few dry runs. TN retro fitted couple extra guy points, + rear mesh w/flap at rear of inner.

  3. Jerud.

    Some changes have been made through the years which doesn’t improve this classic, but can be overcome. The strap, giving the door some extra space, is gone. The inner is somewhat smaller due to the prebended poles. The footprint, though, is covering the whole area of the tent, making it more sustainable.

  4. Mark Epton

    I already use the TN Southern Cross 1 but needed something with a little more room/storage space so I purchased this tent for use on a bike-packing adventure totalling 17 consecutive days. I first used the Voyager in Snowdonia on Carnedd Llewelyn, the weather was incredibly windy and wet and the tent performed admirably, the large porch was perfect for storing wet kit and cooking.
    During the bike-packing trip I found the internal pockets very useful for storing items, a few more would be an improvement, also, the addition of a loop for hanging a light from (it doesn’t have anything).
    Apart from making the tent a little more ‘liveable’ I cannot fault it, my go-to tent when the weather looks iffy.

  5. Herman Vanspringel

    For all year round, long duration, but specially for wintercamping, this is an excellent tent. It can withhold the elements with ease, and provides a comfortable environment when needed. Because it is necessary to pitch the inner first, you’ll need the weather to be able to do so.

  6. D wool

    Used for 20 years all whether never falted

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