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Best in Test Polar Lite 2 Micro

Polar Lite 2 Micro Is Trail’s Best In Test June 2014

Not long after the new Polar range of tunnel tents from Terra Nova made its debut in the shops, the Polar Lite 2 Micro has bagged its first award - Be... (more)

nigel vardy Innsbruck (2)

The Ice Man Cometh – with Terra Nova and extremities

Terra Nova is supporting a team in the extreme Ice Man Polar Race which takes place in the arctic next month. The team, led by Derbyshire mountaineer ... (more)

The ITACE team with a Terra Nova tent;. 
John Pickles Photography

Treading in Sir Earnest Shackleton’s Footsteps

Terra Nova is supporting an historic expedition marking the 100th anniversary of Sir Earnest Shackleton’s attempt to cross Antarctica. The Imperi... (more)

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Wild Country Coshee 2 person tent

Nigel Vardy takes the Coshee 2 to the Pyrenees

Here's what Mountaineer Nigel Vardy thinks about our Wild Country Coshee 2 tent from one of his trips to the Pyrenees.... (more)

Laser 10 and Laser 6 lightweight running packs

Laser 6 Lightweight Pack On Test

I have used the Laser 6 waist pack on several long runs and love it! (more)

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Terra Nova lightweight running pack

Laser 10 Lightweight Pack Put To The Test

I used the Laser 10 when we were running in the Lakes loved that one too! [see Clare's review of the Laser 6 pack]l (more)

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lightweight running pack

Laser 20 Lightweight Pack On Test

I loved this pack, I could definitely see myself using it in a self supported mountain marathon type event.   (more)

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Terra Nova Laser 25 Pack

Laser 25 Pack On Test

'It was quite a gruelling run but the pack performed brilliantly'.  Ultra Runner Jamie GIazebrook uses the Laser 25 lightweight pack on one of his we... (more)

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Laser 10 lightweight pack

Lightweight Laser Packs On Test On The 100 Mile Himalayan Stage Race

Derbyshire ultra runners Jamie and Clare Glazebrook have been putting  Terra Nova's Laser packs through their paces over the last few months.  The u... (more)


Luxurious Magazine Reviews Extremities Super Thicky Gloves

Luxurious Magazine took a look at extremities Women's Super Thicky Gloves recently (more)

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