Inflatable Tent Range from Wild Country

With over 35 years of experience and expertise in designing award winning tents we have used our knowledge to create the perfect combination of useful features, reliability and ease of use in our new inflatable tent range. We’ve aimed to remove the hassle and make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible.  

The inflatable tent range includes 4 man, 6 man and 8 man air tents (plus inflatable awning) so whether you’re heading off with family or friends on camping trips we should have something that suits.  

We’ve spent time looking at the details too:

  • Air Flex inflatable tent poles provide excellent stability, come with a 10 year guarantee and are easily inflated making pitching swift and simple. When it’s time to head home packing away is a breeze with the innovative oversize tarp style tent bag.
  • Features include extra enclosed porch space with a bathtub style groundsheet providing all the versatility you need no matter the weather. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to an enjoyable holiday so bedrooms are made from a carefully selected black fabric to keep light nights and early dawns at bay.
  • For your lighting and gadgets twin electrical hook up access points on either side of the tent mean you don’t need to worry about where you pitch in relation to the hook up point at the campsite.

Take a closer look at our range to find the perfect inflatable tent for you….

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