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10 Tips For Long Camping Trips

If you’re off on long camping trips or expeditions where your tent will have prolonged use, you need to be prepared, so read on.

Terra Nova has a long heritage of producing best-in-class tents designed specifically for long-term expedition and extended use. So, for those new to using these sorts of tents, we’ve put together a quick guide of our top ten tips:

  1. Take a tent that is designed for long camping trips. Lightweight backpacking tents are not always suited for long trips. If you’re in doubt, please contact us directly for advice.
  2. Before you leave, pitch and inspect your tent to make sure you are comfortable with its use and that it’s suited to the trip you have planned. Also, be sure to check all components are there. We offer a full repair service at our factory in Derbyshire if you need any repair work completed before you go.
  3. Read our Tent User Manual that is supplied with the tent.
  4. Use a Groundsheet Protector to help protect and prolong the life of the inner tent floor.
  5. Take spare pole(s) in case of breakage – depending on where you’re going, a specialist tent shop is unlikely to be just around the corner.
  6. Periodically use zip and pole lube to keep everything lubricated and minimise potential problems.
  7. Take an Emergency Repair Kit.
  8. Take spare guylines.
  9. Take a mixture of pegs that are suited to the conditions you will encounter (such as SAS sand steaks, dead guys, and so on).
  10. Remember weather conditions can be unpredictable, so prepare for the worst when specifying your requirements. No tent is infallible, but you can help yourself by pitching in areas with natural shelter from the elements.

Take Advice

The best thing you can do before investing in a new tent for a specific trip is to take advice. We’re more than happy to talk to customers before they make their purchase, to offer advice and guidance on making sure they’re buying the most suitable product for their particular trip. We’d obviously much rather do this than be talking to you after the trip if you took the wrong tent and had problems. So please do contact us if you’ve any questions about your trip.