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Top 10 Solo Camping Hacks

Solo camping can be an exciting and unforgettable adventure, but if you’re a beginner, it can also be very daunting. What should I take? How basic do I go? Have I packed everything? We know the struggle, so, we’ve compiled our top 10 camping hacks so you can level up your camping game.

Stay juiced up

Your phone can be your best friend when you’re out solo camping; whether listening to music, finding your way if you get lost, or calling for help in a sticky situation. Therefore, it’s vital that you invest in a good power bank to keep your phone juiced up.

Pick the right spot

Pitching your tent in the right place is key. Pitching under trees is not advised because any fallen sap can ruin your tent. Be sure you’re off the beaten track, away from other people and don’t pitch where you’re directly exposed to weather as it could just be the difference between a broken pole or one that stays intact. Read our tips on where to pitch here.

Plan your meals

After a long hike, chances are you’re going to be tired. Be sure to pack good quality, filling meals to reboot your energy. Something cold that you don’t need to cook is always a great choice in summer but equally so, have a warm option with you that can be quickly heated up.

A planned camping meal cooked in the countryside on a solo camping trip

Bring a first aid kit

A first aid kit can help you fix a lot of minor injuries, but taking unnecessary items will just weigh you down and be a waste of space. Packing a clever first aid kit, only containing the essentials for the environment you will be in, can save weight and space for other things you might want to take. Also, making sure it’s compact and waterproof is key.

Make your own lantern

You can strap your headlamp or torch onto your water bottle and point it to the water to make your very own lantern. Just make sure the water bottle you take with you is see-through and has water in it – staying close to a water source is always wise.

Duct tape can be your best friend

It can be used to fix your broken walking boots, broken bag or a leaking tent. Rather than taking a whole roll, wrap some around your water bottle so you always have some on you, whilst saving space in your pack.

Coffee bags

If you need a coffee in the morning, then don’t worry we have a hack for you. Fill a coffee filter with your favourite coffee powder and securely tie the top shut. Just put your coffee bag into a cup, add hot water and there you have it, fresh coffee.

brewing a coffee in the countryside on a solo camping trip

Remember tinfoil

Tinfoil is versatile if it is used correctly. You can use a piece of tinfoil to cover the flame on your stove during windy weather, use it as a lid on your cooking pot or use it to cook with.

Spice storage

Cooking and eating can sometimes be boring when you are solo camping. Using spices whilst cooking your dinner will make it taste better and make dinner more enjoyable after a long day hiking. Using empty Tic-Tac boxes is an excellent way to store your spices when you are out camping.

Travel light

We’d know, we created the lightest tent in the world – travelling light is a game-changer. Only take what you need and what you’re comfortable carrying. Take a look at how our lightweight tents could help you.

If you have any more useful camping hacks, then head over to our Instagram and share them with us.