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Evolution Waterproof Gloves Recommended by TGO Magazine

Extremities is delighted to have been awarded the “Recommended” seal of approval from TGO Magazine for the Evolution Waterproof Gloves. These gloves were tested daily for months, from the front door to atop a mountain and everything in between. Recognised for their comfort, dexterity, and high waterproofing abilities, the Evolution Waterproof Gloves offer incredible performance.

Peter McFarlane, avid outdoor adventurer, gives his review on the Evolution Waterproof Gloves. With extensive testing on the Scottish Hills and trails, with both Ice Axe and pole use on the Munros, Peter has tested the gloves on their ability to perform in these environments.

Peter recommends the gloves for both their comfort and wide-ranging use stating how ‘The Extremities Evolution Waterproof hiking glove is fully waterproof but is also extremely stretchy, aiming to give a wide range of use across varied conditions. The gloves are made from Extremities X-Dry Stretch, a three-layered fabric. The first is an inner made of a merino wool and acrylic mix, which is pleasant enough against bare skin; the middle layer is the waterproof and breathable membrane; and the outer layer is a nylon and elastane mix.’ The multi-layered design allows for ultimate comfort whilst keeping your hands dry and warm in extremely wet conditions.

The Evolution Waterproof Gloves have X-Dry Stretch technology which means the ‘rain rolls straight off’ leaving your hands protected and dry. These gloves have been thoughtfully designed to feature a breathable membrane which helps if your hands often get too warm: ‘The breathability is fairly good: when working hard my hands get clammy quite quickly, although the gloves dry reasonably quickly in response’.

The gloves also host a sleek design with a reflective logo which ‘aids nighttime safety and makes finding the gloves by headtorch easier.’ With a close-fitting seamless design, Peter explains how ‘dexterity is excellent’ when carrying out tasks such as camp cooking, repairing bike tyres and using tools. Read Peter MacFarlane’s full review here.

The Evolution Waterproof Gloves are available to buy directly from our website and are part of a range that includes waterproof socks.