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Terra Nova Equipment Look to Raise Awareness for Derbyshire County Council’s Questionable Maintenance Work

Terra Nova Equipment Ltd sits on the edge of the Peak District in Clay Cross and considers the Peaks a second home. So, when it was bought to our attention that Derbyshire County Council appear to have carried out some questionable work that seems significantly different to the original plans, we wanted to help raise awareness.

Peak District MTB reported that: “Extremely concerning work has now been done on the Pin Dale path near Hope, which seems to be significantly at odds with the original understanding of the work as using ‘locally sourced limestone hydraulically bound to suit the surrounding landscape’. Rather, the material appears to be a mix [of] tarmac road planings and general rubble from a brownfield site”.

They mention that it’s odd that Natural England, Peak District National Park Authority and the LAF would have approved the material that has been used on a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Peak District MTB call upon DCC to halt any further work on the ground to prevent any more irreparable damage. We’re encouraging everyone to make their voices heard and get in touch with them here:

The full article from Peak District MTB can be found here: Alarming work on Pin Dale by Derbyshire County Council – Peak District MTB