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Reflective Gloves And Hats To Light Up Bonfire Night

Posted on November 5th, 2018
Extremities Reflective Beanie Hat

For many of us, this Bonfire night will consist of staying out after-dark feasting our eyes on the spectacular firework displays being held across the country for Guy Fawkes Night. While the show of colours captures your attention, make sure you’re able to be seen – especially by drivers as you walk to and from home. What better way to do this than having smart gloves and a cosy beanie to help keep you visible on dark November nights – as well as toasty warm.

reflective winter beanie hat sirius




The Extremities range of reflective  hats and gloves are a staple for those that still enjoy the great outdoors, even during the Winter months. Our reflective beanie hats are the perfect accessory for a bonfire; they’re warm, cosy and light up like sparklers! Woven with a reflective yarn, our thermal beanie hats reflect 360° light keeping you more visible and feeling safer on dark nights.


Reflective Hats

Our innovative, award-winning Antares beanie hat is a great unisex accessory for the Winter months. BETA, the British Equestrian Trade Association, recognised the Extremities leading-edge design earlier this year with an award for innovation.  Whether you’re at a bonfire, watching a football match or walking your dog, the Antares beanie is a great thermal hat that offers you that added element of safety when you need it most.

reflective winter beanie hat antares




We also have two other reflective hats in the range- the Sirius beanie and the Capella beanie which include the same features as the Antares beanie. The fleece-lined headband keeps your head nice and cosy whilst you admire the fireworks show – and your beanie will shine brightly once light hits it and the reflective yarn starts to glow.

Reflective Gloves

To complete the collection of warm and cosy reflective hats and gloves, our Reflective Thinny Touch Gloves are great close-fitting thermal glove with reflective yarn around the palm. They include touchscreen fingers and thumb too, so taking photos of your favourite fireworks is a breeze. Perfect for everyday use, having a pair of these gloves stuffed in your pocket can be a saviour once the winter mornings and nights hit.

reflective gloves touch screen

The Reflective Thinny Touch Gloves are a great idea for bonfire night, keeping your hands cosy whilst sipping your mulled wine or hot chocolate. They will also keep you feeling that extra bit safer whilst walking home, as headlights pick up the reflective yarn making you more visible to road users.


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