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Bothy 2 Review and Tips

Posted on October 19th, 2012
Bothy 2 Review

Are you a walker / hiker? Do you know what a ‘bothy’ bag is? We strongly recommend reading the recent review of the Terra Nova Bothy 2 bag before you plan your next trip outdoors.

US based website – Gumption Gear – recently published their gear review on the Bothy 2 bag from Terra Nova Equipment. The article does a great job of picking out the useful design features in the product, which translate in to real practical benefits out on the field.

One Product, Multiple Benefits…
More than a quick shelter, think of the Bothy as a multi-faceted survival tool. First, this lightweight shelter saves you the trouble of having to build or find your own shelter and will help keep you and your hiking buddy warm. Secondly, the bright color ensures that you can be easily spotted by rescue teams. And in the instance you’re stuck inside the shelter for an extended period of time, a UV – clear’ windows allow to you keep an eye on the weather and world outside your shelter.

The article also does a sterling job of explaining why carrying a bothy bag is vital when walking off the beaten track, and provides advice and tips along the way.

Recommended reading for anyone who ventures outdoors for walks or hikes in the woods, hills, mountains!

Read the full article on the Gumption Gear website


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