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British Ultra Marathon Man Attempts Two World Records

Posted on February 25th, 2013
Mountain Marathon Man Kevin Carr

British ultra mountain marathon runner Kevin Carr prepares for an 18,000 mile solo run around the world! Find out more about the man and his epic plans.

If you’re a keen runner, the name Kevin Carr may already be familiar to you. We’re not talking about the former professional football player, but the British ‘Mountain Marathon Man’ and inspirational speaker.

In 2009 Kevin ran the longest unsupported solo run ever in the UK over mountainous terrain and in doing so completed the toughest endurance run in UK history.  Imagine climbing up and down Mount Everest, followed by running the London marathon 24 times, then climbing Mount Everest again to reach the finish line.   Now double that distance and you’re somewhere close to understanding just how incredible Kevin’s run was. All this whilst carrying your own kit (shelter, sleeping bag/mat, liquids, food etc).

Just 4 years later, Kevin is attempting his next epic challenge, this time on a global scale! This mammoth expedition, called ‘Hard Way Round’, will see him attempt to run over 18,000 miles around the world, unsupported, chasing not one but TWO Guinness World Records.

  1. The first person to circumnavigate the world on foot, and
  2. The fastest run around the world.

The Terra Nova brand has become synonymous with ultra lightweight mountain marathon running. Terra Nova’s ultra lightweight tents, packs and sleeping bags have enabled participants in mountain marathon events to run faster, for longer, thanks to the multiple Guinness World Record breaking lightweight materials and clever design features in the products. Terra Nova’s heritage however is in mountain tents, still a firm favourite for expeditions around the world, thanks to their British made quality, superior design and reliability in the harshest of environments.  It’s no wonder then, that the ‘Mountain Marathon Man’ Kevin Carr came to Terra Nova when planning his own World Record attempt.

Kevin recently completed training in Portugal and Norway. Not only experiencing running in freezing temperatures and hot climates, but also giving him the opportunity for essential kit tests and honing his camping and survival skills.  Watch Kevin training below.

In the coming weeks, we hope to follow Kevin as his dreams become a reality, and share what is set to become a sensational and inspiring story.


Kevin hopes to fund his event from donations using the Kickstarter platform. He’ll be using the latest in modern technology to allow his supporters to follow him around the world and experience everything with him as it happens. You can learn more about this incredible journey on Kevin’s Kickstarter page, watch his video, and understand how you can support this British man with global ambitions.


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