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Terra Nova, Extremities & Christian Around Britain

Posted on February 7th, 2013

Christian Nock set out from his home in Blackpool on 8th August 2012 to complete a 6,500 mile walk around the entire coastline of Great Britain.

The trip took over 1 year and a half to complete, during which the ex-serviceman raised over £170,000 for the charity ‘Help For Heroes’.

He may not have been the first to walk around Britain, but he was the first to do so sleeping rough and camping out every night, choosing to spend the night in church doorways and bus shelters rather than opt for the luxury of a bed. Determined not to cut any corners, there are no ferry short-cuts on this trip. Christian is walking around every estuary.

Christian left home with his army kit, including his army sleeping bag and poncho.  When Terra Nova heard about his trip, we supported him, and provided him with one of our 4 season lightweight sleeping bags, a Gore-tex bivi bag, a 1 person backpacking tent, plus Extremities gloves, hat and socks.

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