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Terra Nova products at OMM 2011

Posted on October 11th, 2011
OMM 2011

The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM), UK‘s premier mountainmarathon event was held in Perthshire last weekend. Based at the CultybragganWorld War 2 prisoner of war camp, the 43rd mountain marathon provedto be a tough event.  In typical OMM weather, tricky terrainand navigation saw both controversy and numerous retirements on day one. 

On the penultimate control, elite class leaders Steve Birkinshaw and JethroLennox, inadvertently punched the wrong control. This error resulted in a 30 minute penalty, which saw their 22 minute lead at the over night point, reduced to 4th place, 8 minutes behind the new leaders Tim Higginbottom and Chris Near.

Once again Tim and Chris were using the Laser Photon 1,

“we have total confidence in it to shelter us in any conditions and the weather at this year’s camp was as testing as ever. We arrived in heavy,squally rain and the short time it takes to pitch was a real Godsend – less than a minute and we were both inside and staring blankly at the door! This isanother great feature of the Photon – we can both sit up in the inner, side by side, and still have room to do all the normal admin – dry clothes on, blow upBalloon Bed, sort out the stove, etc. etc. I’m 6’4″ so this is no meanfeat, and the ability to sit up to eat and change makes the camp so much more bearable. The tent was initially a little damp as we’d had to pitch it in thepouring rain, but after a few hours it was drying out nicely, by the morning it was bone dry (on the inside!). Overnight the wind was very gusty and the raincontinued to pour into the early hours but we were cosily cocooned inside the Photon and never had any doubts that it was going to stay firmly in place. When it came to packing it away the next morning, it was as quick and easy as pitching it and the material allows it to be compressed into small sacks veryreadily. All in all another very impressive performance from such a minimal tent – we’re still amazed how well the Photon is wearing, with no signs of damage or potential problems at all after years of racing in it!” says Tim Higginbottom.

With improving weather on day 2, this saw the men’s elite race hotting up. After 2 days ofintensive racing over tough terrain in challenging weather, Shane Ohly and Duncan Archer won the event, 13 seconds ahead of Tim and Chris. Elite winners Shane and Duncan were using the Laser Competition 1 tent and Laser 20L rucksack at this year’s event.


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