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Terra Nova Staff Escape

Posted on March 11th, 2012
Terra Nova Staff Escape to the Hills

Matt and Ali, from the Terra Nova Sales team, decide to escape from the Terra Nova office and do what they enjoy best – getting out on the hills and testing new shiny gear.

Terra Nova Escape to the Hills 1Starting out from Derbyshire a long weekend in the Cairngorms, was just what was needed. However with forecasts of heavy rain, snow and winds predicted of 50-60 mph and gusts up to 100 mph, it looked set to be an interesting weekend.

On the drive out to Braemar we encountered a herd of deer on the road and snowy conditions over Glen Shee. We took the decision to stop off at the pub in Braemar, on route to the Lin of Dee, watching the snow come down from the warmth of the pub we decide to get some food before striking out.

Luckily by the time they left the pub and walked out of Lin of Dee it had stopped snowing and turned in to a brilliantly clear starry night. They followed two sets of footprints all the way to the Bob Scott memorial hut. This was an oasis, with its stove, compared to the usual Terra Nova bivi trips. Unfortunately Matt found out that it’s not wise to sleep on the floor under the sleeping platform, if there is a drunken Scottish guy being sick above (maybe a bivvy might have been safer!)

With an eventfully first night behind them, the pair set out to the Lairig Ghuru and went up by the Devil’s point to Cairn Toul. With strong winds and poor visibility on the summits, they eventually retreated back down to the Corrour Bothy for the night.

The following morning we woke up to blizzard conditions and a low cloud base. We decided to head up the Allt Clach nan Taillear and onto Ben Macdui. It was hard work getting up to the shoulder of Ben Macdui; I started out using the Extremities power stretch banded beanie, which gave a close comfortable fit. In the strong winds as we reached the ridge, I switched to the Ice Cap for its wind resistance and a power stretch neck gaiter to keep out the snow.

They summited in poor visibility and driving snow. The Extremities hats and gloves proved vital in keeping warm. Matt was testing out the new Voyager 45L pack, which was superb thanks to it being so light and durable, with ample attachment points for an ice axe and walking pole.

With such poor visability, they dropped down the summit 50 meters too early! This resulted in them being faced with a small frozen stream which they now had to cross. Unfortunately, Matt broke through the ice and into the stream. You can imagine just how cold this must have felt under the circumstances.

They dropped down further in the icy conditions from Loch Etchachan to the Hutchison Hut, for a quick brew before heading down Glen Derry to the Bob Scot hut.

Equipment used on this trip:

Ice Cap, Tuff Bags, Light Weight Guide gloves, Super Windy gloves, Boreas Banded Beanie, Power Stretch Banded Beanie, Power Stretch Neck gaiter, Power Stretch gloves, Mountain Toaster socks, Voyager 45L rucksack, Moonlite bivi. A Tarp Shelter 2 went unused as there was space in the huts.

Have you used Terra Nova, Wild Country, or Extremities products for a recent voyage? Share your stories with us and the best will be made available online for all to read. Send your details to us today.


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