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Terra Nova Staff Get Soaked

Posted on September 26th, 2012

Some of our brave / crazy staff at Terra Nova took part in the X Runner Wild Thing 5K & 10K event last weekend. Based in Brailsford Park, Ashbourne, the muddy course consisted of 30 obstacles including, high walls, balancing beams, mud trenches, cargo nets, water tunnels and a waist-deep, freezing cold “swamp of doom”.

Whilst the primary goals were to just have fun and compete at the event, our conscientious Product Designer – Jo – took the opportunity to put some Extremities® product to the test too!

On Sunday 23rd September, Ali (Sales), Matt (Head of Sales) and Jo (Product Designer), set out on what was a cold and rainy day. Unfortunately they were one of the last teams to set off running that morning, so the course was already very muddy. The photographs (below) give you some idea of the ‘mud slide’ and generally soaked course.

Ali suffered a hamstring injury halfway around the 5K course unfortunately so had to pull out. Jo was really pleased to finish the 5K course in 51st place out of 515, and Matt went on to do another quick lap to complete the full 10K course.

Jo said,

Extremities® gloves definitely protected my hands against rope burn and gave me grip even though they were caked in mud – I still managed to get an injured arm from slipping in the mud though! It was great fun, the toughest part was submerging in to water, especially at the water tunnels, as it took your breath! And then trying to get back up to a decent running speed was really difficult.

And here’s the photos….


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