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Top Five Tents for Summer Camping

Posted on July 23rd, 2019
foehn camping tent

Summer Is Here!


The camping season is here. If you’re looking for inspiration of what tent to take with you and where to go, here are our top picks for tents and suggestions for the world’s best camping destinations.


With the hot weather upon us, what better way to get family or friends together and take a break away from the strains of modern technologies than a summer camping trip. Put down the ‘phones and pick up the backpacks and barbecues and experience all of the joys that the outdoors has to offer.

Whether you’re enjoying a backpacking trip, cycle touring or just a fun casual camping trip, making sure you take suitable and trustworthy kit makes the experience so much better.



Here are our top 5 Terra Nova tent picks


Foehn 2 Tent

Foehn 2 Tent

Foehn 2 – A great choice for the summer and all year round. The Foehn 2 is a 2-man tent which can be pitched without the flysheet if it’s really warm and dry. With a huge amount of mesh in the inner, there’s plenty of ventilation for warmer conditions as well as keeping the bugs out. There’s a 3 person version too.

Laser Compact 2 – An award-winning design offering a great mixture of low weight, space and a short packed length. With two doors and vents at both ends for improved ventilation and accessibility. With a pack size of only 30 x 15cm you can assure you have plenty of space in your backpack for other essential items.

Blizzard 3 – The Blizzard 3 is a lightweight and spacious tent with a nylon flysheet which means it has a good weight to space ratio. The roomy and ventilated porch is great for storing equipment or giving you a bit of extra space if the weather turns. Not just for summer camping, this is a perfect tent for year round trips.

Blizzard 3 Tent

Hoolie 6 – This versatile tent comfortably sleeps 6. Alternatively remove the smaller inner for more generous living space for 4 people. Lightweight and with a pack size which fits easily into the boot of a car, it’s a reliable tent to have a fantastic summer camp.

Hoolie Compact 2 – The Hoolie Compact 2 is a two person tunnel tent offering a huge amount of space combined with a short packed length of just 30cm. The spacious tunnel design is easy to pitch so ideal for less experienced campers looking for a reliable tent.




Having the essential equipment ready for your camp not only ensures your safety but also that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to gather all of your necessary supplies like food, water and first aid kits ahead of your travels.

Now that you have your kit ready and supplies prepared, comes the hard part… deciding where to go. There are so many beautiful places to visit across the entire world ranging from the tallest mountains to the deepest valleys, so ensure that you find your dream destination this Summer.




Here are our top 5 destinations offering, in our opinion, the greatest camping experiences the world has to offer –


dartmoor landscape

Dartmoor, Devon

Garden Route National Park – This incredible National Park located in South Africa offers a perfect combination of blue oceans and peaking mountains. Delving into the culture and experiencing all of the incredible views on offer truly is a life-changing experience.

Dartmoor, Devon – Devon is a fantastic area of Britain to visit, offering vast landscapes and grasslands. With endless amounts of organised walks, treks and sight-seeing tours to join, you’ll never be short of activities to do.


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, Vietnam – An absolutely stunning location offering some of the largest and most mesmerising caves on the planet. With jungles and rivers to explore, this life-changing venture truly will be an amazing experience.

The Lost Valley, Scotland – Take some incredible mountain walks, with sights from some amazing peaks looking over the beautiful Scottish landscape. Scotland is renowned for its stunning treks and would make an incredible trip for the Summer.

Yellowstone National Park, USA – There are numerous campgrounds spread over the super volcano, with a number of tourist attractions to attend. Why not spend this Summer in the world’s most famous National Park.




These are just a few suggestions of incredible locations that you could spend your Summer visiting. So whether you’re heading further afield or enjoying what’s on your doorstep it’s time to get out and enjoy the Summer. Short camping trips can be enjoyed in so many locations across the globe as well as at home, all with so many amazing sights to see. So get your camping equipment, get your supplies and get going. Get out and make some incredible memories this Summer.

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