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Voyager 2.2 Tent Reviewed by Terrybnd

Posted on July 10th, 2011
Voyager 2.2 Tent Review

The Terra Nova Voyager 2.2 tent was recently given a full and detailed review (including video and photos) on the terrybnd blog – and he really, really liked it!

The review notes;

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of testing this tent – be it on sunny calm evenings, sitting out heavy rain and strong winds. Come to think of it – one evening I clocked an average wind speed of 43mph and the tent wasn’t budging an inch. Certainly a good sign for higher wind speeds and gusts. The tent porch may flap a little – but not to the degree you find with single hoop tents and the like.”

And concludes;

“The Terra Nova Voyager 2.2 is a solid all rounder – simple as that. It packs a huge punch for it’s weight and features – consequently establishing itself as a great alternative to the many two man backpacking tents available on the market today”.

You can read the full review.


Product Detail: Voyager 2.2 Tent


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