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What is the ‘FastPack’ System?

Posted on March 16th, 2012
Terra Nova FastPack System

If you’ve read the term ‘FastPack’ in conjunction with Terra Nova tents, here’s a quick explanation of what it means in practice.

The ‘FastPack’ system represents a novel approach to superlight tents. As well as continuing to push the development of superlight fabrics and materials for Terra Nova products, we wanted to offer a flexible way for existing tent owners to lighten or compliment their Terra Nova tent. The answer was to produce a lightweight footprint that can replace the inner tent, reducing weight dramatically but still offering a waterproof sleeping area.

Terra Nova FastPack

The Fastpack system is available on selected Terra Nova models. The footprints (optional extras) are designed to cover both the inner tent and porch area (ie. the whole footprint of the flysheet). It gives you the option to travel even lighter by leaving the inner tent behind if conditions permit, shaving even more weight and bulk from your pack.

There are two fabric options available for footprints:  our incredibly lightweight and strong ‘ULTRA’ fabric, or our ‘standard lightweight’ fabric.

When viewing products on our website, you’ll see the ‘FastPack’ symbol against tents which support this system.





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