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Laser Pulse 1 & Laser Pulse Ultra 1 Pitching Instructions

The Laser Pulse 1 and Laser Pulse Ultra 1 tent are one of the lightest double-wall tents in the world. Paired with tiny pack size, it’s a great choice for those looking to shred some weight from their pack.

  1. Unpack the tent and lay out the flysheet and inner.
  2. Carefully assemble the alloy poles. Ensure all the joints are fully connected.
  3. Slide long pole through Velcro ties on underside of flysheet as marked by dotted line on diagram above. Insert pole ends in corresponding eyelets at points A and B.
  4. Insert short pole at C, between the pocket under the hood and hem eyelet.
  5. Peg out in the following order:
    i) Guy cord at foot end, shock cord loops at front, and then back.
    ii) Attach the inner directly to the pole using the elastics and toggles provided.
    Note: Alternatively, the inner can be attached to the Velcro hang points if required.
  6. Attach the foot end of the inner to the eyelet under the apex.

The Laser Pulse 1 & Laser Pulse Ultra 1 are supplied with:

  • 1 alloy long pole, 1 short alloy pole
  • 8 titanium 1g pegs

Laser Pulse 1 & Laser Pulse Ultra 1 Tent Pitching Instructions Video