Coshee Micro / 1 Footprint

Shaped to fit the foot print of each tent to provide extra protection.



  • Waterproof

    Guaranteed waterproof.


► We are confident that Wild Country inner tent groundsheets will outperform any similar groundsheet fabric. However, we recommend the use of a groundsheet protector or footprint for extra security against sharp objects.

► Wild Country footprints are sized to fit under each model's flysheet, fitting the area covered by the inner tent and porch, and attaching to the tent's pole feet using shockcord loops.

► Footprints should be used with the 'shiny' coated fabric side facing up. 

Wild Country Brand: Wild Country
Product code: 51COM1F


  • Packed Weight: 0.22Kg (0lb 8oz)

Groundsheet fabric shaped to fit underneath the flysheet area.

Turned or bound edges to prevent fraying.

Reinforced stitching at corners with webbing tape or eyelets.

Shockcord loops included

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